Zazie regrets having succumbed to cosmetic surgery…

In her interview given to Sophie Davant for the S magazine, the singer Zazie admitted to having succumbed to the lures of cosmetic surgery. However, like some personalities, she ended up regretting this choice. “I tried stuff once or twice and it was horrible because I have a pretty mobile face and on stage I didn’t recognize myself, everything was frozen. So no one will catch me there!”she said adding: “It is better to be a ridiculous old woman than to try to rejuvenate yourself”.

The white hair that makes people talk

Isabelle de Truchis of Varenneswhose real name, surprised the web by appearing on television with white hair when she came to perform her new single let it shine on the set of Dailyon TMC last September. “It’s kind of curious how she gets that bit of talk. There’s a questioning thing about this society for women is that, whether in the nice or the weirdest, the comments were: ‘ She’s gotten a little old, but she’s still nice”she reacted.

“Yes, I reassure you, I have indeed taken a blow of old, it is normal, it is mechanical, every year (…) Moreover, the person who says this comment also took a getting old, every year”had dropped the one who will be back for the next season of The Voice as a coach, alongside rappers Bigflo and Oli, as well as singers Amel Bent and Vianney.

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Adam Javal-Fauconnier

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