Your Linky meter can save you money on your electricity bill, did you know?


While many French people are still reluctant thinking of installing a Linky meter in their home, good news may surprise consumers. Indeed, this device would contribute to limit the monthly electricity bill. This reduction in expenditure energy would be linked to the use of applications of the “EDF & Me” type. Let us tell you more…

Linky allows French people to track their electricity consumption in real time

With the Linky meter, you can monitor your electricity consumption and its distribution in real time. Simply download app from your energy supplier. Very useful, these apps allow customers to better manage their consumption.

With this in mind, Engie has developed the Eco-conso application. Total Energie offers the Conso Live program. Attention, this one is compatible with a second generation Linky speedometer. It requires holding a consumer key and a subscription of 2 euros per month.

More simply and free of charge, EDF has set up an app that offers you a intuitive dashboard and perfectly legible. At a glance, the customer can access all useful data: daily and monthly consumption, comparisons, distribution of consumption, etc. With all this information, you can identify the electricity consumption of each of your appliances. Many other features are accessible with the personal space which must be created by the consumer. In the event of a consumption peak, you will be notified in real time.

Paid applications that can be quickly profitable

Return to paid offers with the Lite application which provides you with valuable tools to limit your consumption. Indeed, it is a personalized offer that will be proposed to you. So you will be able todevelop an effective strategy to reduce your electricity bills. But to take advantage of this program, you will have to pay 19 euros per month.

There are many other paid applications that allow everyone to track their electricity consumption in real time. More sophisticated than free apps, they offer a full tracking. Moreover, these smart solutions identify anomalies which explain the overconsumption of certain household appliances. This is why Linky can boast of offering you the means to limit your monthly electricity bills.

If you can identify the reasons why you consume too much, you can react accordingly. In some cases, the savings made are decisive.

Responsible actions still essential

Paid or free application, it must not be forgotten them small simple gestures that allow us to limit our electricity consumption. Indeed, the Linky meter does not exempt us from consuming responsibly. This is why we remind you of all the essential gestures:

  • Do not leave devices on standby
  • Limit unnecessary lighting
  • Replace halogen bulbs with LEDs
  • Favor eco programs for dishwashers and washing machines
  • Cover pots that need to boil
  • Limit screen brightness
  • Unplug computers and consoles video games
  • Buy your appliances considering the energy labels
  • Save hot water and heating


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