Your license plate turns into a bank card: what you can pay with

Lyf is a french company who created the augmented mobile payment. The latter has just launched a payment device with its license plate in car parks. The bad news is that car parks will always cost a certain price, but the good news is that you will no longer have to go to the terminal to pay for your parking. In addition, this system could also concern tolls in the future.

Pay with your license plate?

Lyf gave more safety information payment with his license plate. Indeed, it is rather simple to falsify it. L’license plate theft is a very common practice. So the French company has planned several ways to protect itself.

First, there will be a automatic notification for each payment on the mobile app. You will also have access to the history of all payments in the latter. Of course, if the notifications bother you, you can always turn them off.

If you already use contactless payment and via your smartphone, this new approach should not cause you any problems.

First test in car parks

The partner of the solution launched by Lyf is Parcus. This is a parking operator leader located in Strasbourg. One thing is certain, the collaboration of these two French companies will simplify the lives of motorists in car parks, that’s obvious!

Indeed, it is enough for the owner of the vehicle to register his license plate in the Lyf application. Arrived at the car park, the plate is recognized and the barrier lets you pass. When you leave, your license plate is once again checked and recognized. Payment is made automatically without any action on your side. the payment receipt is immediately saved in the application. You will never again be stuck behind a barrier when the payment terminal is capricious.

Around service stations and charging stations!

In any case, we are really at the very beginning of these new payment methods. In a few years, these revolutionary techniques will go even further. For example, one could imagine the same way of doing things on the motorways of France. The electronic toll badges are already practical and offer some flexibility. But, you still need this object, to take it out and above all not to lose it.

For example, Lyf launched a attractive device with click & collect and scan & go in TotalEnergies motorway stores. Lyf has tons of plans and wants “smooth and speed up the passage to the pumps in petrol stations”. Indeed, tomorrow your license plate could allow you to pay the tolls.

The same is true for the charging stations about electric cars. For the moment, the latter still have difficulties in equipping themselves with a payment terminal. All these new systems payment methods can make day-to-day life easier and also limit certain frauds. In any case, we will keep you informed of further developments in this area.

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