“Yes, you upset me”, Sylvie Tellier and Alexia Laroche-Joubert clash at a press conference

Sylvie Tellier, general manager of the Miss France society is about to close this chapter of her life. At the end of the year, she will have left office, as she recalled on Friday, during the traditional press conference organized a month before D-Day. “I’m no longer in the organization. I love teams, and I’m going to live this year as a dilettante. Next week, I’m going to Guadeloupe and for once, I’m not going to do anything, I’m delighted. And it is Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the new president, who has taken over the reins. “I made the choice to leave Miss France. Alexia takes over my duties, she doesn’t like me saying it, so I like saying it. I will remain a Miss France all my life”, specified Sylvie Tellier, Miss France 2002, who had fun with the journalists by affirming that she had her “9 mm under the table”…

The great settling of scores had thus begun, even if the two women insisted that they were “not angry”. Calmly, each presented their point of view, in particular on the opening of the competition to mothers. Alexia Laroche-Joubert was in favor of it, not Sylvie Tellier who believes that a child is not compatible with Miss France’s schedule.

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Miss France: the competition is played first in court

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“It’s too nice of you to correct me”

From spades to spades, the press conference gradually grew tense. “A miss belongs to no one,” said Sylvie Tellier, to which Alexia Laroche-Joubert replied, in a joking tone: “You mean, Sylvie, that you are not mine? “. And the two leaders cling on with little phrases. “Thank you Sylvie for taking me back, it’s too kind of you to correct me”, in particular slipped the president to her future ex-director general.

And when Alexia Laroche-Joubert said: “Sylvie was not working on the show”, before adding to her neighbor: “You did not produce the show”, Sylvie Tellier got carried away. ” Me ? I didn’t work on this show? I can’t let you say that. I worked on this show for 17 years! And to list the tasks she performed each year.

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