Yanis Marshall (Star Academy) disgusted by the rescue of Anisha, his face says it all

Yanis Marshall and Laure Balon seemed disgusted that Anisha had qualified for the Star Academy final. The young woman would not be appreciated by her teachers, while she is appreciated by Michael Goldman, the director.

The teacher has been accused of ostracizing her. Besides, he never offered her a painting like he did tonight with Louis.

“He’s good but you put him forward a lot…unlike Anisha and Chris,” one user commented. “It’s the best, it’s normal. Even if I agree that the production puts too much emphasis on Tania and not at all Anisha who should be part of the top 3 with Louis and Enola”.
And this evening, at the end of the bonus, when the candidate of Malagasy origin was saved, Yanis Marshall and Laure Balon seemed to blame the blow.

This did not escape the fans, present in large numbers on social networks.
“Laure you can see she’s shattered to find Anisha”, “No, but it’s shameful the heads of the teachers (Laure and Yanis) when Anisha or Enola are qualified but what a shame it’s not possible”, “Laure doesn’t try not to hide that she is disgusted that Anisha is saved”.

“You saw Laure’s face at the end, she was puffing up”, “Congratulations to the finalists 🙂 I don’t know pk I feel that Laure is not happy.. I don’t really have any favorites I follow my heart according to performance and behaviour, but it shows that Anisha’s return is not well received”, “Is it me or Yannis and Laure are sulking because Anisha has returned? “.

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