worrying disappearance in Dubai, of a former candidate of “Secret Story”, his relatives panic!

But where did jaja go ? For several days, his relatives have been worried. And for good reason, the main interested party has literally disappeared from the radar… As a reminder, Jawad Moussaoui, his real name, marked viewers by participating in the 10ᵉ edition of Secret Story in 2016. The following year, he distinguished himself in the Mad Mag as a columnist. Then Ayem Nour’s sidekick also made a remarkable appearance in other reality TV shows: like Holiday of the Angels 2 where the Angels 10.

Two years ago, Jaja conquered the crowds in a number of‘Incredible transformations by giving a loved one a makeover. If the young man loves doing TV, he is also very famous in the field of hairdressing. Countless stars and influencers swear by it! Despite his notoriety, he has always known how to keep his feet on the ground.

“I will not hesitate to take advantage of it if doors open…”

“I am passionate about my job so if tomorrow I go back to doing hairdressing, it doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve come to realize that I really enjoy the world of TV, so I won’t hesitate to take advantage of it if any doors open. Reality TV, I took my first steps there so why not start again, but I don’t know yet, for the moment »Jaja told our colleagues from Télé Star in 2016.

At the latest news, Jaja had flown to Dubai to make his life there. According to our information, the ex-reality TV candidate had even managed to get hired in a very popular hair salon in the United Arab Emirates. A chic address where many influencers or former reality TV stars like to have their hair done. But one day or the next, Jaja would simply have disappeared. In addition, the essential hairdresser has also deleted all his social networks and cut his telephone line. Something to worry those around him. Even his closest friends have no news. Case to follow!


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