William and Kate see their popularity ratings plummet with the publication of Harry’s memoirs

Prince William and Kate Middleton check into Liverpool Hospital. (January 13, 2023.) Getty Images

Across the Channel, the popularity of the Prince and Princess of Wales has fallen since the publication of Sparethe explosive autobiography of Prince Harry.

The memoirs of prince harry have caused an earthquake within the British crown, and the fallout is already beginning to be felt. According to a brand new poll by Ipsos Mori, the popularity rating of prince william and of Kate Middleton is thus at its lowest since 2011. The main heir to the British throne has seen his popularity fall by 8 points, even if it remains high with 61% favorable opinions today. No one seems to have emerged from the publication unscathed. The Princess of Wales also experienced a drop in her popularity rating, which fell from 67 to 60%.

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The conservative The Telegraph note that Spare hurt Prince William’s popularity more than Prince Harry’s, because the book has highlighted the internal war that plagues the royal family of England, and the fragility of the fraternal relationship of the two sons of King Charles III. Both in his memoirs and in his Netflix documentary, Harry launched a charge against his older brother, claiming that the latter, supported by his advisers, did not hesitate to leak negative stories about him and his wife Meghan Markle.

That said, William and Kate remain the most popular members of the royal family, especially with those over 50. As for the other Windsors, they too are experiencing a decline in popularity. This is particularly the case of Princess Anne, King Charles III or even Prince Edward. But against all expectations, the reputation of the queen consort Camilla has not moved one iota: she gathers 38% of favorable opinions.

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Without too much surprise, the opinion of the British is especially harsh towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Many respondents even place them below Prince Andrew, involved in pedophilia cases and accused of sexual assault. Half of those polled now say they have an “unfavourable” opinion of the exiled Duke in California; nearly 70% supported them before the resounding departure of the Sussexes from the royal family.

For the time being, Buckingham Palace has still not made any comment. And it is rumored that the royal family will remain silent, hoping that the storm will calm down on its own.

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