why viewers haven’t seen anything on tv

While he was performing all the bonus Star Academy as usual last Saturday, Nikos had in fact just injured himself, without anyone having been able to guess anything in front of his screen. Explanations.

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This is news announced at the last minute and which has turned the entire organization of TF1 upside down. It was the star host of the channel himself who announced it: following an injury, Nikos Aliagas will not finally be able to ensure the presentation of the NRJ Music Awards ceremony which will take place this Friday, November 18 in Cannes. In a post, the host explained, “After a bad fall I injured myself on the Star Academy prime on Saturday. (…) Can’t wait to see you live on Saturday for the Starac semi-final!”. This explains why the host can still present the next broadcast of star Academyis that he does not need to make the slightest flight for that. “The doctors strongly advised him against flying. He tried everything until the last moment not to give up but preferred to listen to the doctors”we learn from a relative in The Parisian this November 17.

“We offer him not to return to the set…”

Concretely, the host would have fallen from the raised part of the stage during an advertising break last Saturday and would have received a bad reception. On the return to the antenna, however, nothing has been announced and the course of the show has not been disrupted. A guarded illusion thanks to the professionalism of Nikos for whom “the show must go on”he often recalls, according to one of his friends. “Behind the scenes, the concern is great. But Nikos wants to be reassuring. While we offer him not to return to the set, he wants to ensure the rest of the evening”, can we read in The Parisian this Thursday. On air, only a slight limp could have been suspected. However, Nikos Aliagas is really bothered by this pain. Originally, the program for him was to take off from Paris this Thursday to start rehearsing before Friday’s big night.

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A functioning of The Voice compromise ?

From Saturday morning, he had to take a return plane to ensure the day of rehearsals then the evening of semi-final of the star Academy the same day. From this busy schedule, Nikos only keeps the second part. The 53-year-old host will therefore be replaced at short notice by Camille Combal who did not hide the pressure in the face of this event: “Get well Nikos!!!! Can’t wait to get back in shape on Saturday night! And thank you for the trust my friend. Stress at 8000 now to be up to it”, he wrote in turn on Twitter. As for The Voiceincluding the filming of the new season start this Monday, it is not yet known whether Nikos Aliagas will have to limit his movements. One thing is certain: according to a relative, he “will not be defeated”.

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