why is there no show tonight?

Please note, this week, M6 is changing the broadcast day of France has an unbelievable talent. The show is not broadcast this Tuesday, November 22 but Friday, November 25. Tele-Leisure explains everything to you.

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fans of France has an unbelievable talent, mark your calendars! As M6 prepares to broadcast the sixth (and last) week of the show’s auditions, the channel is shaking up its programming. Exceptionally this week, the show hosted by Karine Le Marchand will not be broadcast this Tuesday, November 22 but Friday, November 25 at 9:10 p.m.. An upheaval that can be explained by a big news that you have certainly not escaped: the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. And it is tonight that the Blues enter the competition by facing Australia for their first pool game. For those who are not football fans, M6 offers a number of Search apartment or house special “new life”. Stephane Plaza, Sandra Viricel and Mathieu Beyer will once again go in search of the rare pearl for their one-night clients.

No more golden buzzer in France has an unbelievable talent

Even ifthere will be no golden buzzer during this last qualifying episode (since all have already been awarded by the members of the jury and Karine Le Marchand), the candidates will redouble their creativity to obtain their place in the semi-finals of the talent show of the Six. As a reminder, 47 candidates have already convinced the jury during the first five evenings of auditions. But now, only 26 participants will be able to access the semi-finals after deliberations. The task will therefore be difficult for Marianne James, Eric AnthonyHélène Ségara and Sugar Sammy after the hearings.

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The return of a well-known face in the M6 ​​show

Among the guests of this Friday evening, you will discover in particular Mattéo, who presents himself under the pseudonym MRS for “Mattéo Rappeur Sourd”, or the American singer Debbie Davis. His name may not mean anything to you, but you have already heard his voice. And for good reason, she notably sang on the soundtracks of the Disney animation threads The Lion King and Hercules. Finally, the faithful of the chain will find a well-known face in the person of vincent. Discovered last year in Love is in the meadow, the Provençal will present a number of dressage horses in total freedom. This is therefore the opportunity for the forties to find his favorite presenter in a less bucolic setting.

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