When Grealish calls the young fan to whom he dedicates his celebration / World Cup 2022 / Gr. B / England-Iran (6-2) / SOFOOT.com

Already the most beautiful story of the World Cup.

Jack Grealish did not forget little Finlay during the celebration of his first World Cup goal. After his goal scored in the 90e minute against Iran on Monday (6-2), the Manchester City striker made a celebration in honor of a young fan with cerebral palsy, whom he had met at the beginning of November and to whom he had promised this gesture. And after his fine action, Grealish went further calling Finlay in stride.

“You’ve been everywhere for the last 24 hours, you’re famous now” breathes Grealish to his young friend, all smiles, in the video published on the networks of the England team. “I thought you forgot” Finlay replies, stars in his eyes.

And to think that this little one’s father supports Manchester United…


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