When ex-heads of state tighten their belts (a little)

The means made available to François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy have been halved. A trend that affects other political figures.

Philæ can continue to sink into the black leather armchairs that furnish the huge office of his master, François Hollande. The black Labrador has benefited from the generosity of the former head of state. The dog and his master should indeed have left this beautiful place overlooking the garden of the Palais-Royal because the rent is no longer paid in full by the Republic. But François Hollande decided otherwise. Since October, he has been paying out of his own money the share that the State no longer pays for, roughly half of the bill.

The “normal president” decided, while he was still at the Élysée, that he would be a normal ex-president. He therefore had a rule adopted which halves the means made available to former heads of state five years after the end of their mandate. If they keep a company car, which is difficult to divide, they only have four people left to support them, compared to eight so far.


François Hollande thus collaborates with a chief of staff, a chief of staff, a press attaché and a cook. The former Head of State also benefits, like any personality considered sensitive, from a 24-hour protection service. The halving of the workforce is obviously accompanied by an equivalent reduction in the surface offices offered by the Republic. François Hollande therefore decided otherwise. Rather than move into smaller premises, he […] Read more

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