when America’s hero was a murderer…

In February 2013, “Kai” became famous thanks to a viral video, after he assaulted the assailant of a passerby with a knife. A few months later, he was arrested for murder. A “true crimes” documentary examines the media frenzy.

Can we do more American? In 2013, the United States falls in love with a hitchhiker who stops a killer. With a hatchet. In three shots, the last carried with the sharp side of the weapon. A “hero” who, to defend a passer-by, violently attacks his assailant, which will never really be questioned – the police will summon him as a simple witness.

It must be said that “Kai” presents rather well. Right after “the incident”, with a big smile under his bandana, he gives a unique interview to a local channel. Six minutes where he “philosophizes” on his freedom and reproduces his gesture: “smash, smash, SMASH”, the onomatopoeia is enough to make him a YouTube celebrity. The media machine is then set in motion.

We are trying to propel him into a reality TV star: the producers of The Kardashian Family make him sign a contract for a show, despite his erratic behavior (permanently alcoholic, the man urinates in public several times). The “sensation” Kai travels to the late show of Jimmy Kimmel for a lunar interview, that the documentary dissects wellshowing how the presenter contains and exploits his subject.

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