What you see first in the image will reveal certain traits of your character

Long used by professionals to assess aspects of a person’s personality in a professional or social environment, personality tests are now causing a sensation on social networks.

These small experiments are very popular for their fun and playful side, but also because they allow Internet users to quickly discover some aspects of their personality.

The visual test that we propose to you today will reveal certain traits of your character and help you understand the reasons why you adopt certain behaviors in your relationships with others or when you are confronted with certain situations.

What you see first in the image will emphasize what characterizes you.

Personality test: what do you see first?

personality test woman picking apples
© Pinterest

By looking at the photo, you have certainly been able to identify a shape at first glance. the personality test result will be based on the interpretation of this image that you saw first. We therefore recommend that you keep this information in mind or write it down on a small piece of paper before reading further.

Going back to the illustration, you have probably spotted other shapes. In reality, the photo exposes several elements.

The landscape hides two images that can easily be distinguished on closer inspection: that of a woman picking apples (and who is also carrying a full basket) and that of an imposing female face formed by some of the shapes present in the drawing (the tree on the right, the first tree on the left, the branches and the leaves, the little house in the background and the surrounding greenery).

The optical illusion was designed to reveal, through the shape you detected as soon as you laid eyes on the image, some of your personality traits and the way you interact with the world around you . So what’s your answer? Which of the two images did you see first?

What did you see first in the photo?

A woman who is picking apples

If, observing the illustration, the first thing that struck you was the image of a woman picking apples, it means that you are a gentle and tender person, but also a little naive and easy to manipulate .

A big female face

If you saw a large female face, the result indicates that you are a person with a strong character. You are a very active and very determined person. Your loved ones see you as a direct and very frank person.

Your great sincerity means that you like to tell things as they are, but that you often have trouble getting along with those around you.

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