we talked with Julien from the Star Academy

The one who was saved twice by the public finally had to leave the castle and his friends last Saturday. Julien spoke on the phone about his first hours after his release and his best memories of the adventure.

Konbini ⎮ So how are you?

Julien⎮ Fine! I’m a little tired but everything is fine!

How was the return to reality?

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The return to reality is good, we are not going to lie to each other. I begin to realize, little by little, in my hotel room. It’s good to meet again, to reflect, to have a cool head.

And the ignition of the telephone, how did it go?

This stage was fantastic, I’m not going to lie to you, it was strong. I have never seen my phone bug so much in my life. All the notifications came all at once, I didn’t understand what was happening to me, it was awesome.

Did you realize that you were this season’s favorite of the public?

I’m delighted, I still don’t understand why but I love it, I’m so happy with it! It’s such a strong energy, especially when you’ve been cut off from the world, you really don’t know what’s going on outside. So to be saved once is already monstrous, but twice is enormous, something indescribable.

Which class did you enjoy the most during the adventure at the castle?

The theater was great. I am someone who finds it difficult to ignore everything, and there I learned to let go, to gain self-confidence. It was also the playtime of the show, and since I love messing around, it suited me well.

What did you learn during the adventure?

The first lesson I will remember is rigor and self-control. I learned what it was really like to work in this environment. Getting up very early every day for classes, debriefings, it was very intense. There was also the advice, the fair words of the teachers, and it’s something to take into account for when, like me, you have trouble with authority. There, I had to adapt, and it was perfect.

What are your best memories at the castle and at the bounties?

When I came back from the prime where I sang with my big brother, I was over the moon, determined, ready to smash everything. Singing “Le Temps” with Tayc was also a very good time that I was able to spend. He is an artist with whom I wanted to sing and I was allowed to do so, I was able to let go.

Who was the funniest at the castle?

My hero of the adventure is Louis. This guy is great, he’s full of humor, he knows how to talk when necessary, he knows how to do imitations. This guy is everything, and this everything, I adore him.

And the most disgusting?

Oh, me, by my farts in the castle, I think! In terms of order, the person who tidies up the least is Léa.

Me, I used to eat rice, so it wasn’t crazy, but the person who cooked the best was Stan. He struggled to make small dishes, he was really the cook of the band.

Are you going to keep watching?

I’m not going to lie: a good trip home with the family will do me good, so I’ll cut it, but I’ll watch what’s going on at the castle from time to time, yes!

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