Watch the last five minutes of the end of “Plus belle la vie” broadcast last night on France 3 after 18 years on the air: Tears, surprises and a lot of emotion! Video

“Seven weddings for a funeral”, was the title of the last episode of “Plus belle la vie” broadcast last night on France 3! An event of which invites you to watch the last five very musical minutes… France has indeed said goodbye on France 3 to “Plus belle la vie”, a series-phenomenon with now declining audiences, the last episodes of which are broadcast this evening, after 18 years of existence.

To close the love story between the longest soap opera ever produced in France and its audience, France 3 devoted a special evening to it with the broadcast of two episodes at the start of the evening followed around 9:00 p.m. by a final episode, extra version -long of 1H40, entitled “Seven weddings for a funeral”. Kilian, the youngest son of Roland, a key character in “Plus belle la vie” (PBLV), celebrated his wedding there on the Place du Mistral.

As the title suggests, this latest installment from PBLV has given its fans many twists around the heroes and heroines of the series. “The episodes are incredible”, “very good idea this final in romantic comedy mode”, greeted Internet users Friday evening on Twitter. Many others showed their emotion: “I want to cry it’s all my childhood”, “pinch in the heart tonight for the last, the end in song on + All the happiness of the world +”.

The mayor of Marseille Benoît Payan also paid tribute on Twitter to the soap opera which “will have brought Marseille into the daily lives of millions of French households” and to the Marseille teams of the series, just like the communist leader Fabien Roussel who called to support the “Marseille sector” of production.

France 3 devoted a special evening yesterday to this farewell with an episode of 1h40 in which we saw, Kilian, the last son of Roland, a key character in “Plus belle la vie” (PBLV), celebrating his wedding there on the square of the Mistral. The last take of “Plus belle la vie” was shot on September 29 at the end of the afternoon in the historic studios of Belle-de-Mai, a working-class district of Marseille.

The announcement of the end of the series last May by France Télévisions had caused a shock wave among its fans and in Marseille, where its filming generated a real economy. Nearly 600 people worked each year for the series and 3,232 actors in all, to which must be added the extras, took part in the filming.

This popular series also gave the third channel record audiences in the early evening time slot, bringing together some evenings in 2008 up to six million viewers.

Far from these peaks, audiences fell to 2.7 million viewers in 2021-2022. The series which allowed the breakthrough of daily soaps in France also suffered from the competition of its heiresses, “Here everything begins” and “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1 and “Un Si grand soleil” on France 2.

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