Viral video: a giant squid of 3 meters finally approached by divers

Exceptional pictures. This Saturday, theAFP posted on his account Twitter pictures of a giant squid, found off Japan (west coast). We know that squid are fond of fish-rich waters in this corner of the world, but they generally evolve in the depths, out of sight. Meeting such a specimen is a very rare occurrence.


Based on netizen comments, the giant squid seen in AFP footage looks very old and dying. Hence its lack of responsiveness when approaching divers. The animal measures more than 2.50 meters. A simply striking show that brings to life the tales and legends that rocked our childhood.

VIDEO: Rare video captured by divers shows a 2.5-metre giant squid swimming in the waters off Japan’s west coast. Giant squid are known to live in the waters around the country and occasionally wash ashore, but seeing them alive in the wild remains relatively rare.

— AFP News Agency (@AFP) January 21, 2023

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