VIDEO. “It was huge”: the rare images of a giant squid filmed by divers in Japan

In Japan, two divers recently managed to capture rare images of a giant squid.

It is an exceptional discovery. Two Japanese divers recently managed to capture rare footage of a 2.5m-long squid swimming off the west coast of the Japanese archipelago, reports CNN.

“There he was, a huge squid”

Warned by a seller of fishing equipment who had spotted the marine animal near the surface, in a bay, Yosuke Tanaka and his wife Miki, diving instructors in Toyooka, in the department of Hyogo, went directly to meet him.

And they did not come out disappointed with the trip… “There it was, a huge squid,” Tanaka told AFP. “I could see its tentacles moving. I thought it would be dangerous to get caught and carried away” by this creature, he added.

“It was thrilling. I think there are few things rarer” than this show, he says again, amazed by the show.

The giant squids are known to swim in the waters near Japan and sometimes wash up on its shores, but it is very rare to be able to observe them swimming in the sea, details Provence.

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