VIDEO. In China, a herd of sheep goes inexplicably in circles for 12 days

The images went around the world. We see a herd of several dozen sheep going around in circles in an unexplained way, for 12 days in a row.


The scene began on November 4 and takes place in Inner Mongolia, in northern China, detailed several local media.

This CCTV footage was later released by Chinese state media People’s Daily which indicates that no cause for this unusual behavior has been identified in the herd. However, he points out that the sheep are in good health.

Which is not so certain, according to the latest information. If no clear explanation has yet been given, veterinarians interviewed by the newspaper Subway suggest a potential infection of animals with listeria. A track also mentioned by the Indian daily, The Economic Times.

Without specifically mentioning this case, the French Ministry of Agriculture writes on its website that this bacterium can cause ” nervous disorders » or even « gait disorders “. Case to follow.

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