Vianney announces their “separation because of the TV show”!

Amel Bent, Vianney, Zazie, and the Bigflo & Oli brothers. Here are the four new coaches of The Voice for this twelfth season. Indeed, the Toulouse duo form a single entity in the program and this seems to pose some problems. In any case, this is what Vianney suggested in a recent interview with our colleagues from TV Magazine.

The interpreter of Not here, never stingy with revelations, revealed some indiscretions on the shooting of this new edition. Already that the war will rage between the coaches because of the new rules, the tastes and the colors of Bigflo & Oli would be very different when it comes to evaluating talents. Something they had already done when they settled on the famous red armchairs of the Belgian version in 2016.

Talents sow discord at Bigflo & Oli

But this time, those who surprised Julien Doré with their new music video would have a hard time agreeing on whether or not to press the buzzer. Getting along at each of the performances is sometimes impossible for them. What greatly surprised their colleagues and in particular Vianney who was ironic with TV Magazine : “I didn’t think a TV show would cause the separation of Bigflo and Oli”. It remains to be seen whether everyone will succeed in putting water in their wine to compose a team that will go as far as possible.

On the side of the producer, Matthieu Grelier, everything seems to be going for the best. The latter was indeed pleased with the casting offered to the coach. “The teams of Bruno Berberes and Pascal Guix have been on this casting for more than six months to try to have the best talents possible. This year, we have the feeling that something special is happening both in the diversity of artists than in overall quality.” He rejoiced.

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