Unusual: The Polish president trapped by a Russian “fake Macron” during a telephone prank that occurred just after the fall of a missile in Poland

The Polish president spoke on the phone with a man posing as Emmanuel Macron hours after a missile fell in Poland last week, the presidency announced on Tuesday.

Two Russian comedians nicknamed Vovan and Lexus have posted on the internet a seven and a half minute recording in which we hear the Polish head of state, Andrzej Duda, speaking English with an interlocutor who tries to imitate the French accent . This is the second time in a few years that the Polish presidency has been the victim of such a hoax coming from Russia. “Emmanuel, believe me, I’m super careful,” Andrzej Duda told his interlocutor.

“I don’t want a war with Russia and believe me, I’m super careful, super careful.” His services said on Twitter that “after the explosion of the missile in Przewodow, during the subsequent telephone conversations with heads of state and government, a person claiming to be the French president, Emmanuel Macron, was connected” .

“During the call, President Andrzej Duda realized, from the unusual way his interlocutor was leading the conversation, that it might be an attempted hoax and he ended the conversation.”

The services of the presidency are trying to determine how the Russian actors managed to get in touch with the head of state, they said.

In 2020, Vovan and Lexus had already called Andrzej Duda claiming to be UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, prompting questions about security and verification procedures within the presidency. Asked by Reuters, two advisers to the Polish president could not be reached immediately. Vovan and Lexus have made a specialty of prank calls targeting public figures and politicians.

They have already trapped Emmanuel Macron, singer Elton John and former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, among others.

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