Trend at 4 weeks: arrival of cold weather for the meteorological winter

After a disturbed end of November, with many rains and gales, calm seems determined to return next week. This return to calmer weather will be accompanied by a significant cooling, with a dry cold at first which could well become more humid and therefore snowy in the middle of the month. The end-of-year celebrations could, on the other hand, be accompanied by a slight thaw and the return to drier weather.

Week of November 28 to December 4: Return of calm but colder weather

After the passage of a last disturbance on Monday, the weather will improve on Tuesday, thanks to the increase in the pressure field. A powerful anticyclone will settle in the second part of the week from Russia to the Scandinavian countries. The flow will switch to the east and it is therefore dry and cold air that will invade the country. Low clouds could be frequent in the morning with a few frosts, but the afternoons should offer good clearings, despite some valleys which could remain in the gray. Temperatures will drop slightly below normal for the season with a winter feeling, reinforced by the east wind.

Week of December 5 to 11: cold becoming more humid in the east

A few depressions could come to deepen in the Mediterranean, on the edge of the very extensive anticyclone on the European continent. We will then monitor possible returns from the east which could well be snowy down to low altitude in the southeastern and eastern regions. To the west, going towards the Atlantic, the weather could be drier. Temperatures should drop another notch to about -2°C below seasonal norms.

Week of December 12 to 18: risk of snowfall at low altitude

Mid-December could well be a pivotal period with the high pressures that could more or less resist on our country. We are opting for a more disturbed scenario, especially from the south. The depressions would increase in importance in the Mediterranean and the Iberian Peninsula, while the high pressures would decrease towards the north. In this case, it would create a conflict zone between the mild air in the south and the colder air in the north. The southern and central regions would then be exposed to the first heavy snowfalls down to the plains. In the north, the weather would remain drier, but still just as cold.

Week of December 19 to 25: towards a slight dry thaw for Christmas?

The first week of the Christmas holidays may well be calmer, with high pressures returning to the country. If the frosts will be numerous, just like the morning greyness, the afternoons will become very sunny in places like in the mountains. The air mass could also soften slightly, even if we will remain around seasonal norms for this Christmas 2022. The reliability of this development remains however still limited since the humid cold could, on the contrary, play extra time.

In conclusion, a rather cold month of December awaits you, with some periods of temperatures well below normal. The first snowfalls on the plain could also be observed in the middle of the month, especially in the south and in the center. A calmer and less cold weather is for the moment envisaged, with the approach of Christmas.

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