Train: bad news for purchasing power, TGV prices will increase by 5% on average, announces the SNCF

Faced with the rise in its costs, the railway company indicates that it is increasing its fares, while making the exchange and refund conditions less attractive.

“We are going to limit the increase in TGV ticket prices to +5% on average in 2023”, announced this Friday the CEO of SNCF Voyageurs. A “limitation”, adds Christophe Fanichet, because the company faces “a 13% increase in its costs” due to “the explosion of energy prices (+180%) and inflation on other items”, reports LCI.

The increase will be applied from January 10, 2023.

Tariff shield

The SNCF nevertheless undertakes to establish a “tariff shield” to limit the consequences of inflation on users.

The price of the cheapest TGV Inoui and Ouigo tickets will thus be frozen.

The price and benefits of the Carte Avantage, at €49 per year, will also be maintained for the benefit of “more than 4 million customers” who own it. The “price of Max Young and Senior subscriptions will remain blocked at €79 per month”adds the manager.

Hardened repayment terms

Finally, note also that the exchange and refund conditions will tighten on February 1 for all travellers.

The free exchanges until D-3, introduced with the covid crisis, had caused a “tripling” of exchanges a few days into the journey, multiplying the number of empty places in the trains, argued SNCF.

From February 1, exchanging your train ticket will cost 19 euros from one week before departure.

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