Top 14 – The brothers Pierre and Paul Boudehent for a last dance in La Rochelle

Very used since the start of the season by Ronan O’Gara, Pierre and Paul Boudehent have taken on a new dimension with Stade La Rochelle. The winger (24) and the flanker (23) are playing their last matches before being separated for the first time at the end of the season.

The Boudehents are efficient men, who don’t ask questions. Inseparable since their training in Angers, then at Stade Nantes, Pierre and Paul Boudehent are beginning to be experienced in professional games. While the winger began his Top 14 adventure in 2017, the flanker joined his brother a year later. Since then, the two native Angevins have continued to grow within a four-star workforce.

This season, the flanker has played fourteen games against sixteen for the winger. Marker four times, Pierre is much more used than last season. “It’s a reward for the work I do in the club, I want to go there. I have improved on my regularity, my confidence and a more rigorous lifestyle (laughs)”.

Pierre Boudehent will be a player at Stade Français next season. The La Rochelle winger was particularly won over by the arrival of new staff Laurent Labit-Karim Ghezal.

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Aware of the rarity of being able to play with his brother, Pierre Boudehent keeps his head on his shoulders to discuss this very special sporting relationship: “Today we’re used to it. We don’t think about it too much anymore, it’s especially a huge source of pride for our parents. It’s something quite rare, we’re very happy and proud. At the end of each match, we see them all the time and we hug each other. I hope to continue with him, but I know that I will leave at the end of the season so I enjoy every moment”. The La Rochelle winger has indeed revealed to Rugbyrama that he would be a Stade Français player next season.

I’m a little sad that we’re breaking up

Paul Boudehent tasted him for the second time in his young career as number 8, end of December against Perpignan. Broken in the third line wing position, the youngest of the siblings wants to improve his game with the ball in hand and be more useful in the La Rochelle attacking game. Without Yoan Tanga, injured, and Grégory Alldritt who will be selected for the 6 Nations Tournament, the young flanker has a real card to play. “I’m in my comfort zone when I’m on the third wing line. When I play 8, there is more challenge and more responsibility. I always have to be clinical in defense while trying to get good balls in place. This involves a better positioning in attack

The one who has always “naturally followed” his brother does not intend to make preferences over other La Rochelle players. However, Paul Boudehent always observes his eldest with more attention. “Once we’re on the pitch we have our bearings, I don’t communicate with Pierre any more than with another winger. We do our job but it’s always different when Pierre has the ball, I keep an eye out (laughs )”.

A few months before their separation, Paul Boudehent admits to being “a little sad. Afterwards I wish the best for him, the future will tell us if it’s a good or a bad decision. I will always support him, it’s a new start for him. But it will be more complicated for the parents who will have to travel to Paris (laughs)” jokes the youngest, who would like to offer a second trophy to his brother before seeing him join the capital.

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