this very intimate confidence that Marc Lavoine (I3P) regrets

On October 20, TF1 viewers discovered I3Pnew series starring Marc Lavoine and Barbara Schulz, and the appearance of a very famous star child. Two episodes which brought together 3.8 million viewers (19.7%) for the first episode, and 2.9 million (18.4%) for the second, better than Proposed E Syndrome previously. But, to the chagrin of fans, the program was replaced the following week by Addictedmini-series with Cécile Bois and Sagamore Stévenin.

I3P: what are the two episodes broadcast this Thursday, November 17 about?

Good news for them: Marc Lavoine and his clique are back tonight, for two new unreleased! The pitch? An amnesiac woman, found near an artesian well in the Butte-aux-Cailles district, is brought to the infirmary of the Paris police headquarters. She confides in Bernardt that she fears doors. The professor discovers a key on her. At the same time, a man is looking for her, showing her photo to traders. Bernardt thinks his patient has autoimmune limbic encephalitis. The first examinations carried out in Cochin confirm her hypothesis and after a crisis, she is plunged into an artificial coma. Following the call for witnesses launched by Commissioner Fontaine, her companion, Adrien Block, arrives at the hospital…

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Marc Lavoine’s opinion on his character

Questioned by our colleagues from TF1 News at the launch of this series, Marc Lavoine returned to this role which is close to his heart. “The character has something serious, it’s true, but he retains a humanity thanks to his humor and his candor” he explains. “I worked for 20 years with autistic people. When I was young, I also lived near a hospital and often took the bus with them. I got very close to them, because as a child, I was a bit complicated. I had a very bulky body, I didn’t like to talk, I didn’t appreciate the adult world…“The opportunity also to confide in something more intimate: lypémania, a deep melancholy which he confided in the past to be reached. And to confess his regrets…

“I shouldn’t have mentioned that…”

You know I shouldn’t have talked about that” he confides to our colleagues. “I regret it, because me, my grief, he has a sense of humor. He writes songs, he plays in plays. I think it’s inappropriate to dwell on the subject because I can’t complain about my suffering. Today, life is difficult, people find it difficult to get by. So, I prefer to talk about others because I’m lucky. I owe my life to my literature teacher, to the caregivers I speak of, to the young autistic people who have not made me lose my bearings. What I want is just to keep acting in movies and telling stories” he concludes.

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