this unfairly misunderstood series could overtake Manifest and The Crown

Since November 10, Netflix subscribers can watch season 2 of a series, a mix of action and fantasy, which could soon put an end to the reign of new seasons of The Crown and Manifest.

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After the long-awaited season 5 of The CrownNetflix added six new releases to its catalog on Thursday, November 10. To start with Christmas falls on timea film with Lindsay Lohan in the starring role. The former child star replies to Chord Overstreetseen in the series Glee, and plays the role of a wealthy heiress who becomes amnesiac after a skiing accident. In a completely different register, Netflix subscribers can watch the second part of Lost bullet worn by Alban Lenoir and Stefi Celma. The comedy Friends first as well as the documentary film Brittany Smith: Facing the Law and reality TV Love cash: Destination Sardinia are also available on the streaming platform. But among all these novelties is also the second season of Warrior Nun with Alba Baptist. Two years after the first ten episodes aired, the fantasy series has made a comeback on Netflix and could soon exceed The Crown and Manifest.

Full house for season 2 of Warrior Nun

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As a reminder, Warrior Nun features Ava Silva, a 19-year-old young woman orphaned following a car accident that claimed her mother’s life during a vacation in Spain. Quadriplegic since the accident, she is then placed in a Catholic orphanage where she is mistreated by the nun who takes care of her. As she grows too old to live in the orphanage, Ava mysteriously dies before being resurrected by Warrior Sisters of the Order of the Cruciform Sword, who implant an artifact in her back. The young woman later becomes a member of the Sisters whose mission is to fight demons. The success of the first season led the series to be renewed for a season 2, which went live on Thursday, November 10. Despite the lack of promotion, Warrior Nun has already entered the Top 10 and is in third place, just behind the new seasons of The Crown and Manifest.

Will there be a season 3 of Warrior Nun on Netflix?

With the release of new episodes of Warrior Nun, many Netflix subscribers are wondering if the series has already been renewed. For now, the streaming giant has not confirmed the development of a third season of fantasy fiction. Fans will therefore have to be patient before discovering the fate of Warrior Nu. In the meantime, they can still discover the first two seasons of the American series, which obtained 92% good reviews from the public on Rotten Tomatoes.

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