this scooter parked in the clean room of a meat preparation establishment disgusts Internet users

In the new issue of

In the new issue of “Capital”, the journalists were interested in what makes up the plate of the French. (M6 screenshot)

This Sunday, January 22, on M6, Julien Courbet presents a new new issue of the show “Capital”. In this issue, the teams of the chain’s mythical show looked at what we have on our plate. If the recent Buitoni and Kinder cases have shed light on major flaws, in theory, everything is planned in France to protect consumers. However, during a health check carried out in an establishment which produces meat preparations in Seine-Saint-Denis, an inspector noted several failures… including the presence of an electric scooter in a clean room. Despite this control and these shortcomings, the establishment in question obtained a new temporary approval. This shocked internet users.

The kind of report which takes away your appetite. On the occasion of the new issue of “Capital“broadcast on M6 this Sunday evening, Julien Courbet and the magazine teams were interested in what the French eat on a daily basis. Every day in France, there are on average 11 food product recalls. It thus happens to note the presence of insects in spices, glass in mayonnaise, salmonella in verrines, plastic in beans, Listeria in charcuterie or even an excessive quantity of nitrates in bean purees. baby greens. Since the scandals of the Buitoni, Lactalis and Kinder cases, our country has thus equipped itself with a legislative arsenal to best protect consumers. However, it is clear that on the ground, the laws are not always respected, both on the side of the giants of the food industry and of the supermarkets. This evening’s investigation thus revealed certain deplorable hygiene conditions, lax controls by the authorities but also a questionable reliability of the famous Nutri-Score supposed to better inform the consumer about the nutritional quality of the products. So are we well protected?

“Bring Etchebest!”

“Capital” has therefore shown several flaws that threaten our daily food security. In principle, to avoid these drifts, there is a valve: the State. The Capital journalists then called on 95 inspectors present in each of the French departments within the services in charge of the protection of the populations, to be able to report on their way of working. Only one responded favorably to the show. In Bobigny, in Seine-Saint-Denis, Xavier heads the food safety department of 93. He and his teams have planned to carry out an unannounced check in La Courneuve, in an establishment which produces meat preparations. While it obtained a first provisional approval three months earlier after an initial check, the company, which has been in business for 14 years, must obtain a new health approval, an essential element for any company that manufactures and markets foodstuffs of origin animal. The manager, who accepted the cameras of “Capital”, therefore ensured the visit to the inspector. In his company (which has a turnover of 4 million euros for the past year), 43 people manufacture Asian products sold to restaurants and wholesalers. During their visit, the skeptical inspectors noted several flaws: missing slab on the ceiling, mix between work shoes and city shoes, employees wearing city pants in the clean room, no label on products left open air, uncleaned mincer and even… an electric scooter parked in the clean room! Despite all these shortcomings, the inspectors do not take any samples for their analyses, although they are entitled to do so. “Everything is based on the manager’s self-checks,” explains Xavier, the chief inspector, to the camera. The only problem: the manager only presents one test result, instead of the 15 necessary results. Even if the company did not respect this fundamental rule, Xavier decides to grant a new approval of three months. The company’s products were therefore sold and potentially consumed.

This control and this conclusion of the inspector in charge of the food safety service of 93 deeply scandalized Internet users.

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