this final decision concerning Harry and Andrew which sounds like a coup de grace

  • King Charles III requested an amendment to a law in Parliament

  • The sovereign wants to keep Princes Harry and Andrew a little further away

  • Princes Harry and Andrew are removed from their royal duties

If Princes Harry and Andrew were counting on Charles III to be more lenient than his mother, they were very mistaken… Since he succeeded Elizabeth II on the throne of England, the sovereign has never told them thought of counting on reintegrating them into the royal family. By deciding to leave the United Kingdom and his functions, the husband of Meghan Markle has taken a step and will never be able to go back. His uncle, the Duke of York, was dismissed from the British Crown after being accused of sexual assault. As rumors have suggested for a few weeks, King Charles III has indeed made a strong decision against his youngest son and his brother : remove them from the list of persons who can represent him if he is absent.

This Monday, November 14, the British sovereign officially asked parliament for an amendment to the law on the Counselors of State to include two new people. “In order to ensure the continued efficiency of public affairs when I am not available, for example when I am carrying out official duties abroad, I confirm that I would be very happy, if Parliament saw fit, that the number of people likely to be called upon to act as (…)


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