this bomb dropped on his private life that Jacky no longer assumes, “I regret”

With his journalism degree in hand, Jacky studied the record industry as a press attaché in the 1970s. Gainsbourg, Alain Bashung, Cat Stevens, Elton John… His portfolio will be of great value to him. useful when he joins the editorial staff of the magazine rock & folk. After having played the mute accomplice of Antoine de Caunes in the musical program Chorus at the end of the decade, Jackie operates a 180 degree turn and becomes an emblematic figure of Récré A2 in the early 80s. His tandem with presenter Dorothée was as popular as his other duet with Antoine de Caunes in Les Enfants du rock. Forty years later, Jacky has not cut ties with her colleague who has disappeared from the screens for some time.

You said she would have remarried”. Jacky would have done well without the Jordan de Luxe booster shot this Monday, January 23 on C8. “No comment.“The host has decided not to talk about Dorothée’s private life anymore.” Ah, you had some trouble… do you regret saying that?“, then asks his interlocutor. And Jacky to confide: “Yes, I regret having said that, I made a blunder.” Whether her little bombshell probably didn’t please Dorothy, the 74-year-old host certifies that he remains on good terms with her. “It was not complicated, but it concerns us both.“How is Dorothy doing?”I can’t answer for him [mais] she is fine“. Visiting Jordan (…)


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