this announcement by the founder angers employees, their response is clear

We announced it to you on Hitek last week, the year 2023 will not be better than 2022 for Ubisoft, which has just made a disappointing announcement. The crisis does not only affect consumers, since even structures the size of that of the video game publisher are suffering from the current economic context. The firm is currently experiencing internal tensions, and the leader’s last words could have set fire to the powder

towards a general strike at ubisoft?

The last statements by Yves Guillemot, the co-founder of Ubisoft, triggered an immediate reaction from its employees. The French company video games announced that it wanted to implement “organizational adjustments”, which was translated by the Solidaires Informatique union by “dismissals”. The latter therefore called for a strike, accusing the firm’s manager of abdicating his responsibilities by asking its employees to be “as efficient as possible” and give 200%. In other words, Ubisoft workers risk overtime and increased pressure from their superiors… The walkout is scheduled for Friday, January 27 from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., and mainly concerns four demands.

First of all, a 10% salary increase to offset inflation. Then, the improvement of working conditions via a 4 day week. Also, total transparency with regard to changes in the workforce, in order to fight against hidden layoffs. To conclude, the strict condemnation of abusive behavior by managers.

Ubisoft Paris – Call to strike
Friday 27 – afternoon
Mr. Guillemot wants to put pressure on his employees. Let us respond to him with a strike.

CALL TO STRIKE – FRIDAY 27th – Afternoon
Mr. Guillemot wants to put pressure on the salaries. Let’s strike.

January 17, 2023

Let’s hope for the well-being of Ubisoft employees that their demands will be heard by the managementand that an agreement will be reached with Yves Guillemot… We will keep you informed about Hitek!

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