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A team of researchers from the University of Waterloo, Canada, recently developed the Nauti-loo, a urinal that would have the particularity of producing fifty times less splashing than conventional equipment. If users do not know how to aim correctly…

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Research… what an extraordinary subject. If it can just as well be used to prove the theory of relativity ofEinstein or the indisputable reality of global warming, it is also used to imagine… the ideal male urinal! If this news can make you smile, the approach is very serious. According to the American magazine The New Scientist a team of researchers from the University of Waterloo, near Toronto in Canadahas recently developed the Nauti-loo, a urinal which would have the particularity of producing “fifty times less splashing” than a classic urinal, if users do not know how to aim correctly.

“Extremely unlikely splashes”

“Since nobody likes to have urine everywhere, we have created a urinal that makes splashing extremely unlikely,” explains Zhao Pan, one of the main authors, Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

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The researchers built on previous work looking at how dogs urinate. Based on this, they developed computer modeling to understand how splashing occurred, “in particular what were the angles favoring or limiting this type of phenomenon”specify our colleagues from the media

A solution already exists

Long tests were then carried out in the laboratory, using water jets, on different types of urinals, whether by their size, their height and even the positioning of their anti-splash wall. The aiming angles were numerous as well as the quantity of liquid used during the tests. After all these tests, the scientists deduced that to have the least splashing possible, it is necessary to try to form an angle of 30 degrees with the wall which receives the urine. What the Nauti-loo allows.

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Thus, the “cleanest” urinal possible should be constructed in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to achieve this angle. A helping hand that is not necessarily easy to take but should not make us forget that there is already a very good solution to avoid splashing: changing behavior and educating users to urinate while seated, whether at home or outside.

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