The skeleton of a woman found in her house in Marie-Galante

This is hardly believable information revealed by the website “foufougong”, specializing in Marie-Galantaise news.

The macabre discovery made yesterday in Saint-Louis de Marie-Galante is in any case most astonishing. Especially since it is only the bones of Constance L., nicknamed Bettina, who would have been 86 years old on December 12, which have been discovered.

Admittedly, she lived in a remote area, in a small house in the Fada district, in the Lébas sector, between Vieux-Fort and Grand Bassin.

But it remains incomprehensible nowadays that this octogenarian died alone for years in general ignorance. She never raised her only son, who had been placed since he was eleven months old with his paternal grandmother and no longer had contact with his mother. He had gone to live in France to pursue his professional career there. He did not return to Guadeloupe until his retirement.

It is all the same he who assisted the gendarmes yesterday during the discovery. However, some members of his family live a few hundred meters away. But they would have believed in a hasty departure of the person concerned.

Still, judicial investigations should be carried out because the pension of the old lady was still paid, a third person having been designated as the reference person for the octogenarian.

His little house had become his coffin and no one seemed to care.

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