“The situation had become untenable” according to Aulas

The president of Olympique Lyonnais, member of the FFF executive committee, spoke following the decisions taken on Wednesday. Changes urgently needed to take place at the top of the institution.

Reluctant to speak up Wednesday afternoon when leaving the headquarters of the FFF after three hours of extraordinary executive committee with as key decisions the withdrawal of Noël Le Graët of his position as President and the layoff as a precautionary measure of Florence Hardouinthe general manager, Jean-Michel Aulas, made a point of explaining himself Thursday morning on France Info.

Cleverly annoyed by the turn of events and eager for strong decisions, the president of OL and member of the executive committee of 3F, confided that ” the situation had become untenable for all of French football, the members of the Federation and for Noël Le Graët “. One “ quite a respectable man until these scandals come through public speaking “Admits before explaining the reasons for the withdrawal of the Breton leader. ” The status quo was no longer an option “.

Jean-Michel Aulas and Vincent Labrune leaving the FFF headquarters on Wednesday GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

The pressure had become too strong on the FFF

We are in a world of football which does not appreciate when the public authorities intervenehe admits, echoing the diverse opinions of politicians of all persuasions, always well placed to discuss the problems of others before sweeping in front of their own door. We took it into account (Olivier Véran’s statement), it’s incredibly tough. Anyway, we were in a meeting that was supposed to lead to a change. The FFF has had an incredible journey in terms of sporting results, economically. There was the policy of the FFF in terms of sexist aspects, the governance of the Federation on the side of Le Graët and Hardouin, this is the reason why the Comex went further. »

Relaunched on the choice of the withdrawal of the president of the FFF, until the conclusions of the audit carried out by the Ministry of Sports, Jean-Michel Aulas assured that he was ” difficult to intervene more precisely before the publication of this report “, while admitting that it was necessary ” do something and take responsibility “faced with a situation” that we couldn’t take “. Reference to recent remarks by‘NLG’ on Zidaneor harassment charges against him.

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Aulas not interested in the presidency of the FFF

Asked about the possible successors of Noël Le Graët in the event of his resignation or permanent sidelining of the latter, while Philippe Diallo, the vice-president will occupy the position of boss for a few weeks, Jean-Michel Aulas did not not beaten around the bush. ” In all periods of transition, we feel that there are candidates. I was challenged, I replied that the only position that interested me was that of president of the Women’s League. You have to know how to delegate and give your time in priority subjects and for me, the development of women’s football is up to my ambitions.. To this day, the names of Marc Keller and Jamel Sandjak, both members of the comex, come back insistently to take charge of the most powerful sports federation in France.

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