the sad reason for their breakup…

This Tuesday, November 22, Stéphane Freiss celebrates his 62 years. A talented actor, the comedian has made a name for himself thanks to films like first desires by David Hamilton (1983) Chouans! by Philippe Broca (1989), The Whore of the King by Axel Corti (1990) or even Welcome to the Ch’tis by Dany Boon (2008).

Speaking of cinema, it was on the set of a TV movie in Turin in 1993 that Stéphane Freiss met the beautiful Ursula who became his wife. She was then only an 18-year-old extra. Married in 1996, they became parents of three children: Camille, alias Liv, in 1996, Ruben in 1998 and Bianca in 2007. However, the two lovebirds ended their relationship a few years ago.

In March 2020, on the set of the show I love you etc. presented by Daphné Bürki on France 2, Stéphane Freiss had returned to his life as a couple and his separation with his partner. “She is no longer my wife…”he had launched. “We’re not going to tell everything because it’s a long life of twenty-five years, almost twenty-six…”, he continued. This break was a trauma for the actor who celebrates his 62nd birthday on Tuesday: “It didn’t do me any good. 25 years ago of a life that was full, that was intense, that was really, really strong. We met, there was passion. The problem, it’s when the passion starts to disappear and then we’re overwhelmed…

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