The Proscenic WashVac F20 mop works well with our floors, even very dirty ones

That’s it, it’s raining. And come what may soils Lots of smudges to clean up. Shoes, animal paws… leave their imprint on a daily basis. Rather than struggling to fill a bucket of hot water to mop the floor, vacuum cleaners cordless, always at hand, lighten the chore. So what is the new WashVac F20 what has Proscenic just launched? This vacuum-and-scrubber floor cleaner sets the bar pretty high on paper with its large brush, long-lasting battery and the largest water supply on the market. 20 minutes tested it.

French proponents of clean homes

According to the statistics, the French like to have a clean house. In 2020, the turnover of small household appliance products dedicated to floor care jumped by +30%, according to Gifam. Stick vacuums, robot vacuums and mops, like the WashVac F20, are attracting the greed of buyers who want to limit the drudgery of cleaning. Launched by the Chinese Proscenic, this new model that we tried for a week is a connected 3-in-1. It vacuums, washes and disinfects. Note that other models, such as Roborock’s Dyad that we had tested also dry.

Functions for cleaning, descaling and disinfecting

As with its competitors, the principle of the WashVac F20 is quite simple: clear water (with or without washing product) contained in a tank permanently moistens the brush of the device. This one is rotary, washes and ejects the dirty water collected in a second tank. Proscenic has done things rather well, since its two water tanks have the largest capacity on the market: 1 liter each. The other side of the coin: when filled, they can add a kilo (the weight of a liter of clean or dirty water) to the vacuum cleaner-scrubber which is already not very light with 5kg at arm’s length.

The WashVac F20, from Proscenic weighs at least 5 kg at arm's length.
The WashVac F20, from Proscenic weighs at least 5 kg at arm’s length. – Proscenic

From a button on the handle, it is possible to select the desired function: Smart (the suction power and the strength of the washing are automated thanks to an infrared sensor, according to the state of the floor to be cleaned); Suction (for only liquids on the floor), Max (for maximum suction and scrubbing power); but also Sterilization (thanks to the principle of electrolysis). But let’s press ON first!

Closer to complaints, but not under furniture

First observation: the WashVac F20 has a position car park. Hear that it stands on its own. It is extremely practical, especially since not all vacuum cleaners and washers offer it. Second point: the device, certainly a little heavy, nevertheless remains manageable, even if it cannot pass under the furniture. Finally, the large control screen on the top of the machine is a great help. Two blue circles are displayed there which turn red the dirtier the floor, and its battery level indicator in percentage (we would have preferred it to be expressed in time of use).

Regarding washing, the Proscenic WashVac F20 does not disappoint, far from it. We first tested it in the rooms of our home (tiles and parquet floors). Its sound level, which we measured at 70 db (A), is high but not inconvenient.

The device, which manages to get really close to the complaints, does not soak the ground. On the contrary, it is simply moistened and dries quickly. Small traces are removed in a single pass. The more encrusted traces require them to make a few round trips. Another observation: its suction function makes it possible to eradicate dust and small dirt, but not to engulf slightly larger elements. The cat kibbles that we used for our test, yes, but not beyond! The WashVac F20 cannot therefore completely replace a classic vacuum cleaner. Moreover, it does not have the convenience of use.

Cleaning… after cleaning

We didn’t hesitate to rough it up by also cleaning an outdoor tiled terrace that was already heavily clogged with residues of dead leaves and earthy footprints from autumn. Two to three passages were enough to obtain a clean floor and to clear the way. And we were surprised by the unattractive color of the water collected, whereas a previous cleaning session had been carried out a few days earlier… The autonomy announced at 45 minutes by Proscenic is respected.

The Proscenic WashVac F20 offers a standing station.
The Proscenic WashVac F20 offers a standing station. – Proscenic

It’s time to clean the device. Once rested on its docking station, it is possible to launch a deep cleaning cycle for its brush (an operation that can be done manually). This is followed by drying (interminable and inefficient). On the other hand, it is not logically possible to avoid emptying and rinsing its collector. Surprisingly difficult to open (because of its seams), this bin has a strainer that catches the larger debris. The rest is just dirty water to be emptied into a sink. It is therefore necessary to allow a few minutes to carry out this operation.

Ideal for large floors

Supplied with two brushes, two HEPA filters, as well as a swab for cleaning its collector, the Proscenic WashVac F20 is sold for 399 euros. This price is quite high, but the device is simple and effective. We recommend it primarily for large floors. It will be less at ease on smaller surfaces which require more physical effort in its handling. And we can easily do without its Wifi connectivity and its application which does not offer any information other than that concerning the autonomy, the wear of the brush and the level of water in each tank.

breaking news : from November 18 to 28, 2022, Amazon, CDiscount and Darty will offer the washer at 279 euros. For once, it will be a good deal to make.

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