The probable compositions of the 12th day of Pro D2

The 12th day of Pro D2 attacks this Thursday evening with Carcassonne-Agen. But all the other clubs face each other this Friday, with in particular the Colomiers-Grenoble poster at 9 p.m. Discover the probable compositions in preview!


The starting XV of Oyonnax : 15.Sweetnam; 14. Ravouvou, 13. Vialelle, 12. Millet, 11. Reybier; 10. Soulan, 9. Cassang; 7. Credoz, 8. Taofifenua, 6. Lebreton; 5. Fabregue, 4. Battye; 3. Laclayat, 2. Geledan, 1. Raynaud (cap.).

Substitutes: 16. Durand, 17. Bordenave, 18. Lebas, 19. Picauilt, 20. El Khattabi, 21. Bouraux, 22. Stark, 23. Berthaud

Infirmary: in addition to the third line Luke Hamilton operated on Wednesday (shoulder), the pillar Irakli Mirtskhulava (cervical) and the winger Taylor Partis (concussion) remain unavailable. The centers Pedro Bettencourt and Gabiriele Lovobalavu are in recovery. Prop Thomas Laclayat and wingers Aurélien Callandret and Gavin Starck are in the squad.

The starting XV of Aurillac : 15. Margaret; 14.Gogoladze, 13.Bastard, 12.Vaccaro, 11.Yobo; 10. Aucagne, 9. Delarue; 7. Profit, 8. Maituku (cap.), 6. Cambon; 5.Javakhia, 4.Tivoli; 3. Kiteau, 2. Nioradze,
1. Royer.

Substitutes: 16. Djomboue, 17. Rodgers, 18. Singer, 19. Moala, 20. Tison, 21. Alania, 22. Neisen, 23. Kartvelishvili.

Infirmary: Tim Daniel, Steve Moukete and Gauthier Minguillon still recovering. Martial Rolland, Hugo Bouyssou and Albert Valentin are on the side of Capbreton. Elijah Niko and AJ Coertzen are under “concussion protocol” watch. Note an hamstring alert at the start of the week for hooker Théo Lachaud while Mikheil Alania and Simeli Yabaki returned to training, as did Latuka Maituku who should return to a remodeled and rejuvenated group with the incorporation of new French hopeful champions , among others Hugo Bastard and Jules Margarit.

Mont-de-Marsan – Nevers

The starting XV of Mont-de-Marsan : 15. Laousse-Azpiazu; 14. De Nardi, 13.Wakaya 12. Even 11. Rasaku; 10. Du Plessis (cap.), 9.Loustalot; 7. Garrault, 8. Tauleigne, 6. Brethous; 5. Fortuin, 4. Durand, 3. Gajion, 2. Latterrade, 1. Innocent.

Substitutes: 16. González 17. Curia 18. Banos. 19. Robic, 20. Doan, 21. Curtis, 22. Desaubiès 23. Masharachvili.

Infirmary: finally some good news from the Mons infirmary. Apart from Wame Naituvi, Thomas Bultel, Michael Faleafa and Anthony Alves who still have to wait, two long-time injured players are back in the list of twenty-three, Nacani Wakaya at center three-quarters José Luis Gonzalez and Ambrose Curtis on the bench. For their part, Leandro Cedaro, Andreï Ostrikov, Aurélien Lisena and William Wavrin should be operational for the next day.

The starting XV of Nevers : 15. Jaminet; 14. Charlat, 13. Loaloa, 12. Derrieux (cap.), 11. White; 10. Reynolds, 9. Manevy; 7. David, 8. Fraser, 6. Plataret; 5. Chachanidze, 4. Barjaud; 3. Kundiona, 2. Elia, 1. Kitutu.

Substitutes: 16. Hamel, 17. Tufele, 18. Toleafoa, 19. Noah, 20.Barbier, 21. Dumas, 22. Silago, 23. Ikahehegi.

Infirmary: the second line Maka Polutele and Christiaan Van der Merwe, the flanker Julien Kazubek and the opener Yohan Le Bourhis returned injured from the trip to Aurillac. Returning to the point of his beautiful international parenthesis with Georgia, Vlad Chachanidze redensifies a sector rolled by injuries. In the third line, Steven David returns to the group two months after his last match (Biarritz, 4th day), shortened by a red card, while Kevin Noah returns to the field after a month and a half of absence, to a position of impact player in which he excels.


The starting XV of Béziers : 15. Lorre; 14.Votu, 13.Espeut (cap.), 12.Poi, 11.Costa Storti; 10.Uruty, 9.Valentine; 7.Benoy, 8.Lemardelet, 6.Barrère; 5.Madigan, 4.Bitz; 3.Arroyo, 2.Esteriola, 1.Fernandes.

Substitutes: 16.Pinto-Ferrer, 17.Changel, 18.Maamry, 19.Koen, 20.Short, 21.Dreuille, 22.Recor, 23.Zabala.

Infirmary: Thomas Hoarau came out heavily injured in the pectoral against Vannes, his unavailability is fixed until January 2023. Jamie Hagan resumed the sessions this week, while James Tofa (adductors), Nicolas Plazy (ischios), Pierre Courtaud ( shoulder) and Wilmar Arnoldi (ankle) are still too fair to apply. Éloi Massot is still impacted by a concussion, while Pierrick Gunther treats a recalcitrant elbow. Left prop Giorgi Akhaladze will serve his final match suspension.

The starting XV of Rouen : 15.Marty; 14. Surano, 13. Jackson, 12. Gontineac, 11. Bertschy; 10.Pourteau, 9.Campeggia (cap.), 7.Burger, 8.Mapapalangi, 6.Costa; 5.Salmon, 4.Oldtooth; 3.Thomas, 2.Ma’Afu, 1.Camara.

Substitutes: 16.Lesueur, 17.Fournier, 18.Leleu, 19.Vincent, 20.Nanette, 21.Olender, 22.Luatua, 23.H.N’Diaye.

Infirmary: It is confirmed for J.-C. Astle, hit in the calf, he was put to rest this week only. Return possible within a week. Ope Peleseuma, is also hit in the calf, it drags on, it’s a big embarrassment, no recovery time. The hard blow is for Peter Lydon, remarkable this season, who after his test ending in the panels, suffers from the knee. Precaution is taken with the Rouen gunner, and return envisaged next week. Back in the active group of Samuel Maximin and next week for Alex Tarus.

Montauban – Vannes

The starting XV of Montauban : 15. Rooms; 14. Rokoduguni, 13. Mathy, 12. Tupuola, 11. Guillemin; 10. Bosviel, 9. Bernadet; 7. Witt, 8. Viiga, 6. Quercy (cap.); 5. Manukula, 4. Vaotoa; 3. Burduli, 2. Deligny, 1. Seyrolle.

Substitutes: 16. Feltrin, 17. Agnesi, 18. Gimeno, 19. Munoz, 20.Delord 21. Abzhandadze, 22. Bonnefond, 23. Laval.

Infirmary: little news regarding the injured Montalbanais, except for the muscle injury of Kevin Firmin this week. He is unavailable against Vannes. Maxime Mathy is back and will start. Tijuee Uanivi and Seva Galala train separately. Shaun Venter is still in trouble with his ankle. Finally Dan Malafosse is in rehabilitation.

The starting XV of Vannes : 15. Abendanon; 14. Hulleu, 13. Costosseque, 12.Vilaseca, 11 Bastardie; 10 Lafage, 9. Gouaux; 7. Gorrissen (cap.), 8. Burgaud, 6. Chateau: 5. Desjeux, 4. Iachizzi; 3. Kite, 2. Blanchard, 1. Baggiani.

Substitutes: 16.Béziat, 17. Bessonard, 18. Marks, 19.M. Edwards, 20. Hollinshead, 21. Percillier, 22. Valleau, 23. Tafili.

Infirmary: income from their national team, after the autumn tour, Andrés Vilaseca and Phillip Kité will start this evening at Sapiac. A group which also includes young Enzo Baggiani in the front row, Mattéo Desjeux in second, Alexansdre Gouaux in the scrum, Théo Bastardie on the wing. New with the tenure of Kévin Burgaud in 8. For the rest nothing new in the West, Nick Abendanon will remain the boss of the defense, Nathanaël Hulleu and Théo Costossèque on the wings, Francisco Gorrissen essential captain in 7.

Biarritz-Provence rugby

The starting XV of Biarritz : 15.Lonca; 14. Fariscot, 13. Morgan, 12. Vergnaud, 11. Speight; 10. Germain, 9. Aurrekoetxea; 7. Hebert, 8 Dixon, 6. O’Callaghan; 5. Tyrell, 4. Aliouat; 3. Millar (cap.), 2. Sauveterre 1. Erdocio.

Substitutes: 16. Carella, 17. Tchelidze, 18. Dyer, 19. Matiu, 20.Jalagonia, 21. Perraux, 22. Jonas, 23. Samaran.

Infirmary: Simon Augry, hit in the fibula in Massy, ​​will miss several weeks. Auguste Cadot (elbow) and Luka Azariashvili are out for at least two weeks. We will not see Bastien Soury (Achilles tendon) again before 2023. Zakaria El Fakir (knee) will not return until early January. Charlie Francoz (meniscus) and Lasha Tabidze (achilles tendon) will miss two and four months. Giorgi Nutsubidze is expected in training next week.

The starting XV of Provence rugby : 15. Massip; 14. Drouet, 13. Sanday, 12. Lavernhe, 11. Sau; 10. McPhillips, 9. Tarel; 8. Malet (cap.), 7. Mousties, 6. Piazzoli; 5. Flanquart, 4. Chartier; 3. Loukia, 2. Martin, 1. Lolohea.

Substitutes: 16. Kessler, 17. Toth, 18. Gambini, 19. Laget, 20. Suta, 21. Ruru or J. Martin, 22. Marrou, 23. Tierney.

Infirmary: The infirmary is empty and the returns of certain players are juxtaposed with the desire of the technical staff to run for this trip to Biarritz. We therefore note the recovery of the second line Alexandre Flanquart but also the third line Charles Malet (named captain for this match) and Guillaume Piazzoli who have been absent for several weeks. We will also highlight the first tenure of Dorian Lavernhe in the center as well as the integration into the group of the young second row Charly Gambini.

Massy – Soyaux-Angouleme

The starting XV of Massy : 15. Studded; 14. Farissier, 13. Jacomme, 12. Guillomot, 14. Sitauti; 10.Ortolan; 9. Pichon; 7.Lanen, 8.Gbizie, 6.Deccuber; 5. Fuser, 4. Chauveau (cap.); 3. Vickos, 2. Chabeaudie, 1. Correa.

Substitutes: 16. Duclieu, 17. Tcheishvili, 18. Oulaï, 19. Nonkontwana, 20. Pray, 21. Deleuze, 22. Seigneuret, 23. Visser

Infirmary: winger Yanis Dit Robaglia missed training at the start of the week due to hip pain. It will therefore be cleaned this weekend. South African full-back Juan Kotze suffered a shock in training which led to a suspected concussion. He was put to rest and had to undergo a control MRI to assess his situation and the date of his return to activity.

The starting XV of Soyaux-Angoulême : 15. Lafitte, 14. Raivono, 13. Mau, 12.Lafon, 11. Lestremau; 10. Ugalde, 9. Saubusse (cap.); 7.Texier, 8. Va’ai, 6. Burgaud; 5. Nabou, 4. Pesvianidze; 3. Boutemmani, 2. Barka, 1. Odishvili.

Substitutes: 16. Le Guen, 17. Vartan, 18. Beukeboom, 19. Jarmouni, 20. Bau, 21. Ayarza, 22. Brosset, 23. Diakité.

Infirmary: at the time of moving to Massy, ​​a direct competitor in the fight for maintenance, Soyaux-Angoulême is still deprived of its long-standing injuries, namely Kumbiraï (hand), Tskhadadzé (neck), Tugayé and Dahir who go through the operation space before returning to the land. Other players are injured or out of the squad, like captain Gibouin, winger Laforgue, second row Roux and experienced hooker Avei. Kitwanga is back in the infirmary. As a hooker, Barka is back after a remarkable stint with the Pau colors for the Supersevens.


The starting XV of Colomiers : 15. Auriac; 14. Rokoduguni, 13. Perrin, 12. Pimienta, 11. Saurs; 10. Girard, 9. Séguéla; 7. Ponpon, 8. Peysson, 6. Coletta (cap.); 5. Ricard, 4. Thomas; 3. Fepulea’i, 2. Ready, 1. Dubois.

Substitutes: 16. Kolokilagi, 17. Tartas, 18. Granouillet, 19. Pacheco, 20. Lescure, 21. Gori, 22. Séguy, 23. Pirlet.

Infirmary: after his return against Montauban, Paul Pimienta continues, just like Max Auriac. Hugo Pirlet had not played since the second day. Deemed too fair, Jack Whetton and Beka Sheklashvili will be present next week. For Alexis Palisson, the convalescence should last fifteen additional days. Hit in the knee during the last match, Hugo Djehi will not be unavailable for long. Thomas Larrieu misses this meeting due to a blow to the shoulder.

The starting XV of Grenoble : 15. H.Trouilloud; 14.Qadiri, 13.Fusier, 12.B.Ezcurra, 11.Dupont; 10. Fortune, 9. Escande; 7.Gazzotti, 8.Ancely, 6.Berruyer (cap.); 5.Vine, 4.Lainault; 3.Vial, 2.Orioli, 1.Goginava.

Substitutes: 16.Sarragallet, 17.Eglaine, 18.Douglas, 19.Blanc-Mappaz, 20.F.Ezcurra, 21.Glénat, 22.R.Trouilloud, 23.Aptsiauri.

Infirmary: the pack of forwards remains reduced by wounds. Thus, hooker Enzo Camilleri (meniscus), props Zurab Zhvania (lumbar), Régis Montagne (ankle) and Sam Nixon (cervical), and third line Marnus Schoeman (knee) are joined in the infirmary by hooker Lilian Rossi (concussion). Behind, Julien Farnoux (concussion) also came out injured from the match against SA XV. And winger Erwan Dridi (crusaders) remains absent. For his part, the third line Steeve Blanc-Mappaz served his suspension match. And hooker Mathis Sarragallet and winger Lucas Dupont return to the group.

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