the price of toys has risen sharply for a year

published on Thursday, November 24, 2022 at 09:02

According to a survey carried out by RTL, 63% of toys already on the market in 2021 are experiencing an increase in price, in particular due to ever-higher production costs.

Will Santa’s sleigh be lighter than usual in 2022? While children only have a short month to wait before they can tear the paper from their gifts, they could well discover a bad surprise under the tree this year. The reason: an overall increase in the price of toys since last year, ensures, Thursday, November 24, RTL who conducted the investigation. 63% of them, already on sale last year, would be affected by this increase, with an average increase of 3.70 euros.

Which, on arrival, could mean fewer gifts to unpack on December 25 in the morning.

Rising energy prices pointed out

To affirm this, RTL reviewed the famous catalogs where “toys by the thousands” are presented. First observation, size matters, since the biggest toys such as bicycles cost up to 30 euros more than in 2021. As for the “classics” like the Barbie doll Christmas version, it is displayed at 37 euros, i.e. 8 euros extra compared to last year. But according to RTLit is the electronic toys that win the prize for the biggest increase

As with all other products subject to the high inflation which has been sweeping Europe for several months, it is the rise in the price of energy which is called into question by the manufacturers, underlines the radio, both gas and electricity used for making the toys and for transporting them to France. Because as Michel-Edouard Leclerc affirmed, on the antenna of BFM TV on October 2, few of these toys are made in France. “Everything will cost more (…), it will cost more to offer toys to your children”he added.

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