the price is freewheeling for electric bikes and scooters

During Black Friday, finding your mobility equipment is the perfect opportunity to make good deals. Check out our full selection of the best deals on e-bikes and scooters.

Black Friday Scooter and Bike

Are you looking for a new vehicle to use on a daily basis? During the Black Friday period, merchants take the opportunity to offer promotions on electric urban mobility. These are promotions that can be combined with various ecological bonuses such as those offered by the city of Paris. Our full selection of the best electric bikes is available. Otherwise, here is a compilation of the best offers.

Cowboy 3: the perfect opportunity for a quality electric bike

Are you looking for a great electric bike? For Black Friday, the Cowboy 3 is in destocking for the end of the year. Be careful though, you will not receive your new bike for Christmas. This one presents at first glance a well thought out design for urban use for a good grip.

One of the big strengths of this electric bike lies in its autonomy. During its test, the Cowboy 3 was distinguished by an endurance of 70 kilometers. Thanks to its good electric assistance, you can reach a top speed of 30 km/h effortlessly. This electric bike has everything it takes to become your daily companion.

Usually, the Cowboy 3 is sold for 2,290 euros. However, during Black Friday, the brand sells it at only from 1190 euros.

Be careful however, Cowboy has announced that these are pre-orders for delivery from January 2023: receiving your electric bike for Christmas will therefore not be possible. Also, the price differs according to the month of delivery chosen:

  • April 2023: €1,190
  • March 2023: €1,290
  • February 2023: €1,390
  • January 2023: 1,490 euros (only in white)

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S: the low-cost electric scooter

If you are looking for an excellent electric scooter, Xiaomi is one of the brands with the largest catalog. The Mi Scooter 1S is thus promoted during the Black Friday period. The vehicle comes in a fairly standard design, but quite manageable during the driving phases.

During our review of the Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S, driving is highlighted. You are entitled to sharp acceleration and maneuverability at all times. Even the brakes are efficient. In short, the scooter has all the assets to prove to be a city companion. With such a substantial price drop, the scooter gains additional advantages to be attractive.

Instead of 449 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S benefits from a nice reduction of 50 euros, since it is displayed at 399 euros on the Fnac website.

Velobecane Easy: an inexpensive electric bike

Velobecane Easy Black Friday

If most VAE are quite expensive, it is still possible to find references electric bikes under 1000 euros. Among the references on sale is the Velobecane Easy. It is a simple vehicle, but effective, starting with its construction since it is easy to install without the slightest problem.

During our test of the Vélobecane Easy, this one stood out above all for its quality / price ratio. When the electric assistance is requested, it allows you to move forward quickly without exerting real effort on the pedal. Road holding is good and its range suitable for regular daily trips. Its size of 24 kilos is a factor to take into account for those living in an apartment.

During this Black Friday, the Vélobecane Easy goes from 1199 to 599 euros on the Cdiscount site.

Dualtron Minimotors Mini: power for less than 1000 euros

Dualtron Minimotors Mini Black Friday

On the electric scooter market, the manufacturer Dualtron has a habit of offering high-end and high-performance models. Often, these are sold a little more expensive. Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to grab a bargain and here it’s the Dualtron Mini with a 52 V and 13 Ah battery that interests us.

The electric scooter is the most compact in the catalog. With the 52V lithium battery and its 13 Ah you are entitled to a theoretical autonomy of 40 kilometers. When driving, the double pneumatic suspension and the platform to place your two feet on provide you with excellent comfort without feeling the roughness of the road.

The Minimotors Dualtron Mini electric scooter is promoted at 990 euros instead of 1190 euros at Darty.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3: the flagship model on sale

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter 3 Black Friday

The flagship model of the Xiaomi scooter catalog is put back on sale. The Mi Electric Scooter 3 is always our recommendation when it comes to scooters as it is pleasant on all counts. Starting with that of the design that is easy to transport and very handy on the road.

During our test, we were able to experience his excellent conduct. The Xiaomi scooter is maneuverable and fast. You will be able to stroll around the city without worries and slalom between passers-by and cars without putting yourself in danger. It is also easy to store. Pay attention all the same to its autonomy which is a little light but which is suitable for urban use.

At Darty’s and Fnacthe Mi Electric Scooter 3 is available at 479 euros instead of 529 euros.

Pure Flux One: choose a simple bike

Pure Flux One Black Friday

Are you looking for a simple but terribly effective VAE? The Pure Flux One can be a good choice during this Black Friday period. The bike from the British manufacturer presents at first glance a quality design without frills.

During our electric bike test, the latter also stood out for its maneuverability with a weight of 17.5 kg. With a torque of 35 nm, it is not the most responsive when starting but you can reach 25 km/h without exerting too much effort from the saddle. The 252 Wh battery allows for a real autonomy of a good twenty kilometers without worries.

The Pure Flux One is available at 949 euros instead of 1199 euros on the official website of Pure Electric.

Pure Air: prefer the electric scooter

Pure Air Black Friday

The British manufacturer also offers electric scooters at the heart of its catalog. The Pure Air is distinguished by a special feature: it is waterproof. So if you are brave enough to brave the elements, discover this rather atypical product.

We tested this Pure Air on Frandroid. In addition to its waterproofness, the scooter has a very elegant visual appearance and is easy to handle. It is easy to drive and handle with very good finishes. Be careful all the same, indeed the Pure Air turns out to be a bit fair in terms of its autonomy.

The Pure Air is also being promoted at 429 euros instead of 499 euros on the Fnac website.

Black Friday 2022: don’t miss the best deals!

the Black-Friday has not officially started, since the start date of the event is set for next Friday, November 25, but most e-merchants have already started sharing their best offers under the sign of Black Week, name given to the week preceding Black Friday. Here are the Black Friday deals already available from French e-tailers.

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