The pink sachets of Alsa yeast made in France, it’s over!

the essential
Alsa yeast will no longer be produced in France. The Ludres factory, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, was bought by an Italian group which retains around a hundred employees on site.

No more small pink Alsa sachets made in France. The yeast and cake preparation factory located in Ludres, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, was bought by an Italian group.

The mythical brand that has accompanied the French in making their best brioches and pastries will therefore no longer be produced in France but in Germany, where the Dr Oetker group had already relocated part of its production in 2021. The Parisian, the new owner Newlat promised to keep the hundred employees and to invest 20 million euros in the company. Employees will therefore now have to produce cake mixes under the Minuto name.

local gem

It is therefore the end of an era for this jewel of the local food industry. Alsa having been created in 1897 by a Haut-Rhinois and having preserved its very typical design. “We fought for the development and notoriety of the brand, so that it offers good products. It’s our heritage”, declared an employee to our colleagues.

However, the buyout still allows employees to retain their positions. “It inevitably hurts our hearts, but in our misfortune, we are happy to have found a buyer, who arrives with security guarantees”, testified another. The last little pink sachets left the Ludres factory shortly before Christmas.

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