The Pays de Cassel wins its ticket to face PSG / Coupe de France / 32nd / Pays de Cassel-Wasquehal (1-1, 5-4 TAB) /

Pays de Cassel 1-1 (5-4 TAB) Wasquehal

Goals: Zmijak (89e) for Kassel // Bouzar (83e) for Wasquehal

Vincent was not present, yet Cassel could have had La Haine.

After the imbroglio of the match against Reims Sainte-Anne (N3) in the previous round, the match had been stopped following the aggression suffered by Mehdi Izeghouine, the coach of Wasquehal. The Disciplinary Committee of the French Football Federation had then decided to eliminate the two teams, Pays de Cassel therefore found itself first qualified for the 16are of final. A dream that suddenly faded away when the Federation sided with the CNOSF, deciding that the game had to be replayed. A meeting won this week by Wasquehal on penalties … an exercise in which the Northerners lost this Saturday afternoon against the Pays de Cassel.

The first half was frustrating, Cassel offering play, playing in the opposing camp and winning the first shot of the match (2e). Wasquehal gradually regained possession of the ball, offering himself the clearest opportunity with a face-to-face in the 38e minute, the striker coming up against the Cassel goalkeeper; just after the injured striker Farès Hassani was replaced by Belaggoune. The match finally wrapped up in the final ten minutes, with Zmijak responding to the top corner cleared by Bouzar for the home side. The latter could have made the difference again in extra time, but he came up against the brave Samson, saved by his crossbar on Daoud’s shot on goal, allowing Rudent to offer the fans of Cassel the precious sesame.

And now, place at PSG.

Kassel country (4-2-3-1): Samson – Santrain, Zmijak, Rapaille (Dubreucq, 81e), Thoor (Rudent, 81e) – Leclerc, Delcourt (Drion, 70e) – C. Bogdanski, Boudjema, Leganase – Sané (Valdher, 45e). Coach : Samuel Goethals.

Wasquehal (4-2-3-1): Atrous – Haouari, Wojtkowiak, Nkou, Bouleghcha – Majid, Akli (Cabaye, 91e) – Bensaber (Darghal, 67e), Dansoko (Daoud, 67e ), Bouzar – Hassani (Belaggoune, 35e). Coach : Mehdi Izeghouine.


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