“The only thing I regret…”

Already twenty years since Carla Bruni unveiled her album Someone told me… A folk record released under the Naïve records label on November 5, 2002. Two decades later, the former first lady of France opened the doors of her home to confide in all sincerity to the magazine SHE, true to her reputation as a woman with a voice as soft as she is frank. During this interview, she spoke about her relationship so solid with Nicolas Sarkozy, whom she married in 2008, and how their relationship remains so passionate, not hesitating to talk about the subject yet so intimate. of “physical love“. She also confided in her relationship to the body…

Supermodel star of the 1990s who continues to make a splash on the catwalks of her famous fashion designer friends, Carla Bruni must, like everyone else, face the passage of time. Aged 54, she is the mother of two children, first Aurélien, born twenty years ago from her relationship with the philosopher Raphaël Enthoven, then Giulia (11), whose father is the former President of the Republic. . Since her cult album, she has therefore founded her family and flourishes in the cocoon she has created around her husband, sharing ever more united happiness like storms.

From her past, Carla Bruni remembers with nostalgia her parties and her dazzling success. She also assumes to be a public figure and not to be unanimous: “I have…

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