The French team beats Germany and qualifies for the semi-finals of the Euro

Five on five. By beating Germany (29-21) on Tuesday in Skopje (North Macedonia), during the second day of the main round of the Euro, the French team won its fifth success in as many matches played and is now qualified for the semi-finals. She is also guaranteed to finish first in her group.

True to their register, the players coached by Olivier Krumbholz made the difference thanks to a solid defensive game. And, if the attack was a little sluggish in the first period, the Blues ended the meeting in a cannonball, to finally win with a wide gap. They have also never been led by a team from Germany, which had reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup last year.

Lassource and Kanor unleashed at the end of the match

The France team had made a good start (4-1, 6th), before seeing their opponent pick up the score (4-4, 12th). At the end of the first period, the French managed to establish a new gap and returned to the locker room with a lead of four goals (13-9). Germany then could not do better than reduce its deficit to two units (14-12). Then the Krumbholz players waited the last ten minutes to deliver the knockout blow.

Coralie Lassource and Orlane Kanor particularly highlighted themselves, scoring four and three goals and thus taking the French team to the last four of the Euro. Kanor finished top scorer for Les Bleues, with five goals followed by Lassource and Pauletta Foppa (four goals). In the three-color cage, Cléopâtre Darleux split 10 saves (out of 28 shots, or 35.7% success). German side, Alina Grijseels was the match’s top scorer, with seven goals.

“Faced with the great French defense, Germany has not found a solution”

It was a tense match, as expectedcommented Olivier Krumbholz, at the microphone of beIN Sports. As soon as we fell back in defense, we could see their qualities. But, faced with the great French defense, they did not find a solution. Germany put us under pressure in attack, with their very high and very aggressive defense. But, even if she gave us problems, she never came back to the score. And then we carried the thrust. »

The coach of the France team also announced that he intended to rotate his workforce, Wednesday (8:30 p.m.) against Spain, for the last match of the Blue in the main round. The semi-finals will take place on Friday.


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