the country targeted by Russian “about 70 cruise missiles” according to kyiv; electricity restored gradually

Many of you want to know the details of the vote this Wednesday by the European Parliament on a text describing “Russia as a state promoter of terrorism and as a state that uses terrorist means”. As a reminder, 494 MEPs approved it, 58 voted against, and 44 abstained. The consultation of the vote was affected by the cyberattack which rendered the European Parliament’s website inaccessible for a good part of the afternoon.

On the French side, therefore, 18 elected officials voted against. Among them, Nicolas Bay (ex-RN) and 17 of the 18 elected RNs attached to the “Identity and Democracy” group: Mathilde Androuët, Jordan Bardella, Aurélia Beigneux, Dominique Bilde, Annika Bruna, Patricia Chagnon, Marie Dauchy, Jean-Paul Garraud , Catherine Griset, Jean-François Jalkh, France Jamet, Virginie Joron, Jean-Lin Lacapelle, Gilles Lebreton, Thierry Mariani, Philippe Olivier, André Rougé.

On the same text, two French elected representatives from the right (Brice Hortefeux, Nadine Morano) and five from the left (Manon Aubry, Leila Chaibi, Marina Mesure, Younous Omarjee, Anne-Sophie Pelletier) abstained.

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