The body of little Quinton, 20 months, found in a landfill, his mother arrested

After weeks of searching, little Quinton’s body was found in the United States. The 20-month-old child had been missing since early October. Her mother was arrested.

The outcome of a tragic affair. Police announced on Monday that they had found the remains of the little Quinton, 20 months, after weeks of research. The child had disappeared on October 5 in the early morning while he was at home, in the State of Georgia, in the United States. At the time, his mother Leilani Simon told the police that she was convinced that he had been kidnapped by his biological father. But authorities checked his alibi and that version was dropped. It was the mother who was finally arrested, police said on Twitter. “The Chatham County Police Department has arrested 22-year-old Leilani Simon and charged her with murder in connection with the disappearance of her son.”

“This is a heartbreaking development for anyone who loved Quinton. For the many people who knew him after his disappearance and for our department. When we first received the call that Quinton was missing, we hoped to find him alive and unharmed, but as we’ve been telling you for weeks, all of our evidence points to his mother being responsible for his death.” said agent Jeffrey Hadley at a press conference. “Quite frankly, she doesn’t deserve to spend Thanksgiving, I beg to say. Quinton, he deserved it, ”he added, barely managing to hold back his tears.

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Body dumped in landfill

For days, authorities had been searching a landfill where they believed the body had been dumped. On Facebook, Chatham Police say investigators discovered what appeared to be human remains at the location on Monday. Shortly after, an FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia confirmed that they were indeed human remains. “During the search of the landfill, officers meticulously combed through over 544 tones of rubbish over a period of thirty days. The working conditions were grueling and dangerous, and officers knew the chances of finding Quinton were slim. Historically, the FBI says the chance of finding something in a landfill is only 5%,” Chatham officers added, praising the FBI for its efforts.

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The child lived with his mother, her boyfriend, his grandparents mothers and another child. According to court documents revealed by CNN, Quinton’s grandparents had custody of him, as did his three-year-old brother. The child’s mother, Lelani Simon, however, still lived at home with him. The grandmother, Billie Jo Howell, however, would have launched a procedure at the beginning of September to have her daughter and her boyfriend deported. “She didn’t always do the right thing,” Billie Jo Howell said of her daughter in an interview with WJCL right after Quinton disappeared. “Sometimes she does really well, and sometimes she doesn’t… I don’t know if I can trust her – I don’t. I just know it hurts and I want this baby home. He’s my baby,” she added. The causes of death were not given, nor the motive for this crime.

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