The Blues release their truths on Emiliano Martinez

Emiliano Martinez’s provocations continue to make people talk. Former teammate of the Argentinian goalkeeper, Laurent Koscielny thus took up his defense, seeing in him a “nice guy”.

Emiliano Martinez is under threat. The provocations in which the Argentinian goalkeeper indulged after the Albiceleste’s coronation against the Blues in Qatar could not go unpunished. Without naming him, FIFA announced on Friday the opening of proceedings against the Argentine selection due to “possible breaches of Articles 11 (offensive behavior and breach of the principles of fair play) and 12 (misconduct of players and officials)”.

Seen from France, the guilt of Emiliano Martinez is no longer to be proven. The Mar del Plata native has been the target of a lot of criticism, with many calling for a punishment for him. Few voices came to his defence. Invited to the Canal Football Club set on Sunday, Laurent Koscielny, who knows the Argentinian goalkeeper well for having been his teammate at Arsenal, had nothing but good things to say about the executioner of the Blues.

There was no problem with him

“He’s a hard-working goalkeeper. He was not number 1. But penalties are one of his great strengths, ” he confided, adding: “During the time we had him at Arsenal, he was a great guy, very appreciable. There was no problem with him. » The Corrézien also had difficulty explaining the behavior of his former teammate. “I don’t know if it was out of emotion that he reacted like that. Maybe it was under the euphoria of the title that he did some weird things. »

Should we see a certain solidarity between goalkeepers? Still, Mickael Landreau also assured to appreciate the doorman of Aston Villa. “He is decisive, he releases something. He likes challenges. He creates the conditions to enter a duel. And that’s part of the game.” he explained.

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