TESTIMONY. “I surprised my girlfriend with another, her explanations broke my heart”

By confronting his girlfriend, whom he had just surprised with another man, this Briton received more cruel explanations than ever.

Returning home earlier than expected, this 34-year-old man did not expect surprise your girlfriend in someone else’s arms. And yet, it is indeed the sad scene he witnessed. A real shock, especially since the explanations of his half broke his heart. The 30-year-old told his story in a letter to Deidre Sanders, the famous adviser to the Sun. “We have been dating for two years. We met on an app and we hit it off straight away” he specifies. At the time, the young man felt likethe luckiest person in the world “. Unfortunately for him, the situation quickly turned into a nightmare.

The two lovebirds continued their romance despite the distance that separated them. Ready for anything for his sweetheart, the young man did not hesitate to pay for trips to come and visit him in London: “I’m not rich but I have a decent standard of living as a real estate agent, and I have my own small apartment. I was so in love, I was constantly buying her very expensive gifts and I paid for everything. Even though I was starting to have a little debt, it was worth it. » After a year of dating, they moved in together : “We spent three happy months and then she started to cause arguments. »

cruel explanations

The couple began to drift apart: “I saw a man’s name appear on her cell phone but she assured me it was a friend. » One day, the Brit left his job early: “When I got home, she was kissing and cuddling a man on the sofa. » The thirty-something confronted his dear but the latter proved to be cruel: “She told me that at first she loved me, but then she no longer felt the chemistry between us and that she was stayed for gifts and free rent. I am heartbroken and lost. I thought we had something special. »

Deidre Sanders sympathized with the pain of the young man advising him to turn the page: “What a cruel discovery and way to break up with you. She clearly doesn’t deserve you. It will be difficult at first but focus on yourself. One day, you will manage to stop thinking about her at all. »

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