Terence Telle cash on his love life

CANNES, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 20: Terence Telle attends the 22nd NRJ Music Awards on November 20, 2021 in Cannes, France.  (Photo by Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic)

“I date older women”: Terence Telle cashes in on his love life (Photo by Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic)

This Monday, November 21, 2022, France 2 is broadcasting “The Last Queen of Tahiti”, a TV movie with, among others, Terence Telle. Discovered on the small French screen thanks to “Dancing with the stars”, the model has since come a long way, notably by integrating the cast of the TF1 series, “Here everything begins”. And with success come questions about his private life. If Terence Telle has never really formalized his romantic relationships, he did not hesitate to confide in his preferences.

Terence Telleis a Franco-American success story. Based in New York for many years, he built a solid modeling career there, before being called by the production of “Dancing with the Stars 9” in 2018. With Fauve Hautot, he sets fire to the floor of the show, and has a small effect on the side of French viewers. If he did not win the competition, Terence Telle hit the mark. Also we were then able to find him in the casting of “Here everything begins”, in the role of Gaëtan. A beautiful story which obviously crystallized the curiosities of the public, in particular on the love life of Terence Telle. And he never blushed when it came to talking about it.

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Terence Telle prefers older women

As with many other celebrities who take on the “Dancing with the Stars” challenge each year, Terence Telle was first treated to his share of rumors when he participated in 2018. At that time, some are convinced that he has a relationship with his dance partner, Fauve Hautot. And that’s not all, since in the list of alleged lovers of Terence Telle also appeared Tatiana Silva. Annoyed, the latter had answered once and for all: “It’s extraordinary like today, we start from nothing to do a lot! But no, sorry for Terence Telle, it’s pure intox!” In the process, the ex-Miss France, Alicia Aylies, also targeted by a rumor around a relationship with the young man, had firmly denied. And then there was also Shy’m, then juror of “Dancing with the stars”. But there, it was Terence Telle himself who had put an end to the rumor, without denying his attraction for the singer: “Shy’m is a very charming woman, I find her funny, intelligent so necessarily she pleases Lots of people, myself included. We have a lot in common. I really hope we stay in touch because he’s an amazing person.”

In 2021, then questioned by Current Woman on her style of women, Terence Telle hadn’t beaten around the bush: “Generally, I go out with older women – I don’t know why” he had dropped. However, the 31-year-old actor had tempered his remarks. When he talks about “older” women, he puts a limit: “I think the maximum difference was five years. It never happened to me to have ten or twenty years of difference in a couple. It’s a bit too much.” And to defend himself on the label of ladies’ man that he is so often stuck with: “Well, not at all! That’s what people think of me, they all have a preconception of the boy executioner of hearts. But on the contrary, I am very romantic, I have experienced love stories like everyone else, with disappointments… It forged me a little. I am someone who gets attached very easily and sometimes I’m even a little too sensitive!”

A shy on-screen “hunk”

It must be said that Terence Telle has not escaped the codes of the small screen, which lock actors and actresses into well-defined boxes. Already during her participation in “Dancing with the Stars”, the young model warned the public: “My biggest challenge on this show is going to be to let myself go. I am in control all the time. I don’t want to to be branded as the hottie on the show. I have a lot more to offer.” Because we can never repeat it enough, appearances are very deceptive. Even if he built his success in the United States on his modeling career, in France, Terence Telle did everything to deconstruct this image, even going so far as to confide his uncertainties, in particular through his new acting cap.

In “Here it all begins”, Terence Telle plays the role of Gaëtan, and had to learn the basics of the trade. Especially around intimate scenes, not really easy to play for him at the beginning, as he confided to Télé-Loisirs: “For me, all that is comedy, it’s a bit fresh. I started there not very long ago. And it’s true that I had apprehensions about that. Because before Here it all begins, and the relationship with Noémie (played by Lucia Passaniti, editor’s note), I had never had to kiss someone onscreen. So I was a little apprehensive.” “Made at ease” by his on-screen partner, Terence Telle braved his “stress”, despite his questions around the kissing scenes. “My first question was: do you have to put your tongue in or not? It’s a question that tormented me. When I read the script, I said to myself: ‘How do you kiss? in the cinema, on TV?

Video. Here it all begins: Terence Telle confides in his first intimate scenes in the series, Julie Sassoust advises him

And as in “Dancing with the stars”, Terence Telle also appeared shirtless in “Here everything begins”. Again, this situation caused him a lot of apprehension: “I was asked to do scenes shirtless, and for the first time I felt a little complex. I said to myself ‘Ah yeah, but I don’t have had time to do push-ups or sit-ups.’ And I feel that I’m starting to age too, to get older. It adds work to do. You have to learn your texts, but also maintain your body. Because if I appear shirtless a lot of times, I I want to be on top” he confided to Télé-Loisirs. Today, Terence Telle has managed to make a comfortable place for himself on the small screen.

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