tender secrets about his ex and his children

With her communicative laughter, her cutting-edge knowledge of medicine and her humor, Marina Carrère d’Encausse has made a name for herself on television in recent years. At the head of Health magazine for more than 20 years and various programs on television and radio, the one who has just celebrated her 60th birthday leads her career with a master’s hand and has been able to gain acceptance little by little.

But if there is one subject she rarely talks about, it’s her private life: daughter of an author who is a member of the Académie Française, the presenter never broaches the subject of her husband or her children. who grow up in its shadow away from the media. But this Thursday, November 17, during an interview in the magazine Galashe wanted to confide in her family, she who feels today “freer than ever“.

Divorced in fact from the one who shared her life for more than twenty years, Francis, a radiologist by profession and father of her three children, the host experiences a new life, that of an assumed bachelor. “It’s new for me because I’ve never lived alone“, she notably confided during the interview. But nothing to scare him: “What the future has in store for me does not worry me at all, on the contrary, I find it quite reassuring because for a long time, I have found that life has more imagination than me.“.

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