Taxes: 624 euros paid on January 16, 2023, the French concerned

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– Published on Jan 14, 2023 at 11:30 am

A tax notice rarely announces good news… However, this Monday, January 16, 2023, the French are concerned by a transfer from the tax authorities. We give you all the details…

This Monday, January 16, 2023 will mark good news for 9 million French people. Indeed, the latter will be entitled to a tax payment of up to 624 euros. What to make happy, in short. This of course responds to the new methods of withholding tax. So it’s a godsend, especially for those who tend to view tax notices as bad news. This comes at the right time, at the start of the year. Indeed, with the holidays, taxpayers’ wallets have been damaged. This, despite the Christmas bonus and other state aid. Anyway, this time you will be entitled to a transfer in the positive and not to a tax debit. We give you all the details on this imminent payment.

A payment will arrive on Monday on 9 million bank accounts

Since the introduction of the withholding tax, the tax authorities therefore make payments at the start of the year. This, to allow some to benefit from tax credits and reductions. The chosen date is January 15. However, this year, January 15 is a Sunday. It is therefore Monday that Bercy will kick off its salvo of payments. On your bank account, it will appear under the wording “Advance credit”. It is in fact an advance on tax credits and reductions. Those who committed funds last year will benefit. Like, for example, home-based workers. But also, people housed in nursing homes. This also concerns childcare costs, rental investments, not to mention charitable donations. The transfer should therefore amount to 624 euros, as we pointed out to you a little earlier.

Tweet from the Directorate General of Public Finances

Advance on credits and tax reductions: the essentials to know

  • the Monday, January 16, 20239 million tax households in France will receive a transfer of an average amount of 624 euros from the tax authorities.
  • The transfer will be made on January 15, but delayed by one day, because this date falls on a Sunday. It will be labeled “ADVANCE CREDITMPOT”
  • This is an advance on credits and tax reductions for sums incurred last year (employment of an employee at home, accommodation in nursing homes, childcare costs, donations to charities, investment rental).
  • If the amount collected is ultimately less than what is due to the tax households, the State will pay the missing sum a few months later. If it is higher, a refund will be expected in September 2023.
  • Even people who have not provided their bank details to the tax authorities will receive the advance in the form of a check letter by the end of January.

The advance represents 60% of the amount total tax reductions and credits of last year. If the amount collected is less than what is due to your home, Bercy will reimburse you in the following months. If you have not communicated your bank details to the tax authorities, the payment will take a completely different form. It will be issued by post, by check letter. You will therefore have to scrutinize, not your bank account, but your mailbox. According to the Ministry of Economy, “This payment […] facilitates in particular home employment, but also donations or accommodation in nursing homes by anticipating the collection of the associated tax advantage […] he also contributes to preserving the purchasing power of the French people concerned”.

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