“Tax us”: in an open letter, 200 “ultra-rich” ask for the establishment of a tax on the wealthiest

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At the Davos economic forum, 200 millionaires from 13 different countries called on world leaders to be taxed more.

“For our common good”. In a letter to world leaders on the occasion of the economic forum of Davos, more than 200 millionaires, including two French, ask this Wednesday, January 18 to be more taxed, as reported France info.

This appeal, signed by millionaires from 13 different countries, calls for the establishment of a tax on the wealthiest. In one context, as recalled Oxfamin which the wealthiest have seen their wealth increase by 50% over the past 10 years.

“Tax the ultra-rich and do it now”

“You, our representatives around the world, must tax us, the ultra-rich, and you must start now,” the millionaires write in their letter. “Tax the ultra-rich and do it now. It’s simple, common-sense economics,” they continue, referring to “an investment for our common good and a better future.”

Who are the two Frenchmen?

Two French are among the signatories: Jonathan Hallama and Eugénie E., whose last name is not specified in full. Among the most famous personalities, we can find the American actor Mark Ruffalo and the American producer Abigail Disney, great niece of Walt Disney.

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