“Super block” and “super coach”… The new rules of season 12

“Each year, we ask ourselves the question: will we be able to continue to amaze the public? “says Matthieu Grelier, director of programs at ITV Studios France, which produces The Voice. He hastens to provide the answer about season 12 of telecrochet, soon to be broadcast on TF1 “There, we are all very happy, the answer is yes. » Bigflo, a new recruit on the coaching side with his brother Oli, says he is “shocked” by the level of talent. “I expected little singers. Well no, there are very good singers, who slapped me, ”he assures.

For having browsed several times on the set, between the blind auditions put in boxes in November, and the cross battles recorded this Tuesday and Wednesday, we confirm. There’s no shortage of stunning talent – but we promise, we won’t spoil anything. On the other hand, we can provide you with the adjustments and changes to the rules that will allow the telecrochet mechanics to remain well oiled.

Of the battles in immersion

First novelty, the super block, set up for blind auditions. Each coach now has the power to block another who has already turned. The fatal button can be activated until the last moment, that is, until the talent has chosen the team he wants to join. This Machiavellian novelty – promising in terms of dramaturgy – is a French invention. The Dutch rights holders, who want the specifications of the format to be scrupulously respected, have accepted that the tricolor production tests this super block. The idea arouses the curiosity of several foreign editions of The Voicewho may well adopt it in turn.

The test of battles remains on the agenda, but in a revisited version. “Visually, many things will change, warns Pascal Guix, the artistic producer. The coach who will pit two of his talents against each other will sit in an armchair in the center of the stage to experience their battle in total immersion. The emotions and vibrations he will feel will be much stronger. »

“A great coach”

The cross battles will also return. It will always be up to the public present around the set to vote. What changes is that before the start of each filming session, extracts from the performances of the talents at the blind auditions will have been broadcast. The spectators called upon to decide between the candidates will thus have made their choice by having a more precise idea of ​​their background.

For the test of super cross battlesthe final stage before the live broadcasts, a “super coach” whose identity remains secret, will be invited “to help the public make their choice”, announces Pascal Guix.

“We say less bullshit between coaches”

In terms of narration and atmosphere, the public is returning to the set after two seasons marked by health constraints. Consequence: “We say less bullshit between coaches”, jokes Amel Bent. “Last year was a powerful season, with a lot of emotion, but we were coming out of the Covid. This year, there is always emotion, but the whole is more lively and very dynamic, ”said Rémi Faure, director of flow programs at TF1.

According to a montage of about forty minutes presented to the media, the faithful of the show can expect to discover sequences shot at the Vitry-sur-Seine studio during the very last stage of the audition. Never (or rarely seen) before. Another notable element: the French language will be particularly honored. Pascal Guix notes that the talents of this season 12 favor French-speaking songs. A “real momentum” and a “trend”, according to him, reflecting a “willingness to tell stories”.

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